MIRRORS are magic – or almost. Not in a fairy tale sense, but from an interior design perspective.

Home professionals rave about how a mirror can expand a small space and bring out the best part of a large room.


A hall mirror does so much for your space, but they’re not for every home.Credit: Getty

It’s what makes decor a perfect feature in your hallway, experts say, but the design hack isn’t right for every home.

According to the experts at 21Oak, there are some things you should do to use a mirror in your entryway, and three situations when you should absolutely ignore it.

The number one reason to hang a mirror in your entryway is to take advantage of the optical illusion that expands the space.

“If your entryway is directly across from a window or other source of natural light, a mirror can multiply that light and make your entryway feel more expansive,” the experts explained.

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“Even without the light source, mirrors can help create the illusion of space.”

If you have a short or narrow hallway, this is especially helpful and can even mirror other decorations in the area to make things look put together.

And, of course, it’s practical. You’ll get a touch-up on the way out, and guests will appreciate being able to check out their hair and clothes after they’ve visited your home.

In some situations, however, a mirror can detract from the thoughtful design of your home, experts have warned.

If your wall isn’t strong enough to support it or you’re unwilling to use anchors, don’t hang a mirror in the hallway.

“Mirrors are heavy, and the last thing you need is your mirror crashing into your guests at the front door,” the pros advised.

“If your entryway doesn’t have the studs to stabilize a heavy mirror, you might reconsider your decor choice.

“Invest in sinkers that span the entire drywall for better grip, or skip the heavy frame and use L-hooks to hold the mirror,” the experts advised.

You should also be aware of what your mirror reflects.

Since a mirror enlarges, replicates and amplifies the design elements of your home, keep it away from any features you don’t like.

If you were planning on renovating parts of your entryway, but didn’t have the time, wait to hang a mirror until it expands a space you’re proud of.

Finally, consider the layout of your home and how your family uses the hallway.

If you follow design principles like feng shui, having a mirror by the door could lead to bad luck with money and an uncomfortable flow of energy through the house.

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Or, if your family tends to use the entryway as a free-for-all mudroom, a mirror will visually double up on the clutter — certainly not the soothing feeling you want upon arriving home.

Skip a mirror in these cases and invest in a nice welcome mat or sturdy hallway organizers instead.

A mirror in your hallway can make the room look bigger, but also visually double up any clutter.


A mirror in your hallway can make the room look bigger, but also visually double up any clutter.Credit: Getty

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