THERE IS nothing wrong with a little or a lot of self-esteem.

A woman decided to take her pride to a whole new level when she revealed she kept framed snaps of herself with no friends or family in her bedroom.


TikTok user defended hanging framed photos of herselfCredit: tiktok/@trewleyprecious
She showed the snaps in their old frames


She showed the snaps in their old framesCredit: tiktok/@trewleyprecious

Trewley-Precious Wass, 22, recently posted on her TikTok account, explaining that she needed to update her picture frames because some of them were cracked and didn’t match the vibe of her home.

The influencer, from Essex, decided to replace the glittery frames with pink velvet frames from B&M – but it was what was in the frames that got viewers talking.

She showed off three pictures of herself in the new frames and said, “If you don’t have pictures of yourself in your room, get some self-love baby.”

Viewers weren’t quite sure what to make of the influencer’s framed photos, with some trolls claiming the snaps were a bad idea.

One viewer quipped, “No, who only has pictures of themselves in their bedroom.”

And another commented: ‘I’m pretty sure that’s called being conceited.

But Trewley-Precious hit back at the haters, she said, “Baby if I’m vain to love myself, then b**ch I’m vain as f**k.”

Other viewers adored the 22-year-old’s self-esteem and praised her for her confidence.

One wrote: “People always say we should love each other and when we do we get yelled at for it.”

“I love that level of confidence, it’s so important to love yourself and it should be taught more often,” a second commented.

And another agreed: “I have so much time for this, go for it girl!”

Trewley-Precious put the photos in new pink velvet frames


Trewley-Precious put the photos in new pink velvet framesCredit: tiktok/@trewleyprecious