– Various mixes of accessories available

– Some to enhance the look, a little practicality

– Also includes chrome ornaments

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) recently announced prices for the Alcazar and also offered a wide range of accessories for the SUV. Customers can also opt for specially formulated packages according to their tastes and needs.

The variety includes some to add to the bling like chrome accents and some to increase the utility quotient like rugs etc. Then there are many more to add to the functionality and comfort. All of these are designed and manufactured by Mobis India, which produces auto parts and accessories for most of HMIL vehicles.

In addition, the automaker has also bundled these authentic accessories into accessory packs for this recently launched Alcazar. These packages are priced between Rs 12,715 and Rs 30,898 (taxes included). They start with the basic called Dark, then Elevate, then move on to Majestic and Supreme.

All of these above mentioned equipment and accessory packs can be purchased from any Hyundai dealer in India. These resellers will be able to tell the exact availability and delivery of the same. All of these are a great option to personalize your new Hyundai Alcazar a bit and give it a unique look.

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