Whether you’re upgrading your square footage or deciding to downsize your apartment, maximizing your apartment space can be a challenge. Every plan is unique, and furniture and storage that fit perfectly in your last space could now overwhelm your new layout or make you realize you’re significantly under-equipped.

From storage and decor tips to helpful apps and tools, there are several ways to maximize your space and design an apartment that fosters all the intimate vibes you’re looking for.

5 simple steps to maximize your apartment space

1. Take inventory

Perhaps one of the most important steps in the moving process is deciding what you are going to take with you. Take the opportunity to get rid of items that you no longer need or that you no longer use often. Think of your new apartment as a blank canvas and decide what furniture you want to bring in or what can be sold or given away.

If you’re moving into a smaller space, now’s a great time to review clothes and accessories and get rid of things that no longer bring you joy. It will also help you realize what new items you can buy, which can be the best part of designing the aesthetics of your new apartment.

2. measure everything

A staple that every apartment dweller should own is a tape measure. Take the measurements of any furniture you will be bringing with you and keep the measurements handy when you move in and be feng shui ready.

Most apartment listings will have basic plans of your floor plan, so you can also get an idea of ​​the space you will be working with when touring the units. Take the opportunity to see what will suit each room and what adjustments you will need to make before the movers arrive.

3. Invest in storage

Purchasing chic storage units or shelves can help you utilize every inch of space available in your new notebook.

Underbed storage is a great way to hide seasonal clothes and extra bedding, without taking up space in plain sight. Room dividers with shelves are a great way to divide a studio or larger room into separate spaces, while providing a focal point for your glass pieces, books, or other “tchotchkes.” If you have a cramped kitchen with little counter space, incorporating wall shelves can be a great way to store appliances and other kitchen gadgets. Consider closet organizers to maximize space for all your shoes and accessories.

Incorporating these storage items can help organize your stuff and maximize the space in your unit when you start unpacking.

4. Incorporate design tricks to create the illusion of space

Any interior design literature will tell you to optimize your space through well-planned decor. Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of depth in a small apartment. Lighting is also important, especially if you are moving to a building with little natural light. Incorporating plants and other greenery into your space will create harmonious vibes and bring light to dark spaces. There are plenty of options for plants that require little to no sun, or you can opt for a realistic faux plant so you never have to worry about forgetting to water it.

If your new apartment is larger and has higher ceilings, you might want to consider incorporating a wall of gallery art which you can arrange from local vendors or online stores to bring a splash of color into your space. your house.

5. Make the most of your budget

In general, moving is an expensive process. After paying the movers and submitting your first month’s rent, you may be looking for ways to fill your apartment without putting a strain on your wallet. Thrift stores are a great place to start.

Most towns have great options for thrift, from local antique shops to estate sales. Once you’ve measured your space and identified the items you need, shop at second-hand retailers to find unique pieces that match your aesthetic. You can also check neighborhood groups on social media apps to find items your neighbors might try to clean up for their next move or spring cleaning.

If you’re moving into your first apartment, you probably won’t have a lot of furniture already acquired. Designing a room from scratch requires thoughtful planning and budgeting. The Novogratz “Room in Box” collection may be a good option for you to purchase affordable, cohesive pieces that complement the space you are looking to fill. The living room, kitchen and home office collections come with multiple pieces of furniture and decor that can complete your room design in just one purchase.

Tools that can help you use your space wisely

In today’s world where technology is at your fingertips, take advantage of digital tools that can help you map out your space before your move-in date. Many online retailers have a “see in your room” option that lets you see how a potential new purchase will fit in your desired area. You can even take this idea one step further by using a new tool that Zumper has created in Figma.

Design your apartment layout with Figma

An ad may catch your eye and have the ideal price, location, and amenities, but you’re still wondering if your current furniture will fit the dimensions of your new space.

Using Figma’s design space, Zumper’s Apartment Layout Toolkit lets you import your unit’s floor plan and arrange your furniture to scale.

Once you find your apartment on Zumper, save the floor plan image directly from the listing to your computer, then upload it to Figma and unleash your inner interior designer. Zumper has built a large number (over 350) of furniture components in different sizes and shapes so you can easily select the sizes that best match your own furniture. It won’t matter if your sofa will fit along a certain wall or if you have to get rid of the chair you plan to sell.

Even better, you can revisit this floor plan whenever you want to rearrange your space or add a new piece of furniture or design to your home. When you’re all packed up and ready for the movers to unload your things into your new unit, you can direct them to where each item needs to be placed with confidence, and stress-free for you and your back when not in use. won’t need. to mix up your layout to make things fit. Get a step-by-step tutorial for using this tool here.

Moving into a new apartment is a long and often stressful process. Figuring out how to maximize your space so it matches your aesthetic and needs can be time consuming, but there are plenty of tips and tools that make the process much easier and fun. Whether you’re using an upcoming move as a fresh start and an opportunity to declutter and rethink, or if you just love the space you’ve created and want to transport and organize everything in your new plan, maximizing your space can help you. help achieve all your design goals.

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