When groups of works of art are well arranged, they create a collage effect; when they are badly hung, they become a mess. To maximize the playback quality of each room as a group, decide whether you need to rearrange the rooms, change the spacing, or leave them as they are.

How to improve your interior design with a strategic layout Wall art – Presented by Simplida Fine Art – World’s Most Exquisite Wall Art

Seeing your rooms too close to each other is like being in a crowded mall: overwhelming and uninspiring. Consider removing only the smallest pieces to give the arrangement some leeway. By taking each piece apart, the collection will seem sparse. Put the groups back in order on the floor. The pieces should be arranged like a puzzle, ideally spaced about 2 inches apart. Use painter’s tape or squares of paper to recreate the arrangement on the wall. From different points of view, such as the entrance to the room and the seating area, examine the group of models until they appear visually comfortable.

How to Enhance Your Interior Design with Strategically Arranged Wall Decorations – Presented by Simplida Fine Art – World’s Finest Wall Art

When works of art are too far apart, they seem disconnected. Having too many artwork on your wall can be a sign that you don’t have enough artwork on the wall. Hang additional artwork to fill in unused spaces or reposition pieces closer to each other to create a harmonious look. Again, spacing prints, photos, or paintings about 3 inches apart from each other makes for an attractive group, not a cluttered group; the smaller the art, the more tightly it should hang, and vice versa.

How to enhance your interior design with strategically placed wall decorations
How to Enhance Your Interior Design with Strategically Arranged Wall Decorations – Presented by Simplida Fine Art – World’s Finest Wall Art

If you are hanging artwork above the bed, table, fireplace, armchair, or sofa, the grouping should not overwhelm the furniture layout. Six inches of space between art and furniture or accessories is ideal. Art has gone too far if it extends beyond the sides of a bed or beyond the arms of a seat. Several centimeters within these limits may be enough to reposition it. A bed or sofa and its side tables can be read as a single unit as long as the art takes up about two-thirds of the wall space above them. Remove a room and adjust the group spacing so that each room is comfortably separated if the artwork is now too close together.

Having too many pieces on your wall might not seem chaotic, but if they look too different, the pieces might be too similar. Put the pieces together based on a similar subject, such as an oil painting of ocean scenes or a watercolor of flowers. The frames in a group can also be of a similar color, for example white, gold or black. Your art should be centered at eye level and your work should extend as far as possible. How you hang your art is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Whatever color or theme you choose, as long as you like the result and keep these considerations in mind – at least vaguely – nothing else matters.

The space above your couch or couch should not be left empty. Most homeowners want to fill their home with a collection of inspiring artwork, so be sure to find something vibrant to place above your seating area. Your decorating task becomes more difficult if the sofa runs along an unusually long wall. In order to avoid tidiness and make your room more attractive, there are some general interior decorating guidelines that you can use.

How to improve your interior design with strategically placed wall decorations
How to Enhance Your Interior Design with Strategically Arranged Wall Decorations – Presented by Simplida Fine Art – World’s Finest Wall Art

It’s important to organize your sofa well before adding any artwork. To avoid the “boxy” feeling that results from having a sofa against a wall, place other furniture or objects around it at an angle or away from the walls. It is also more user-friendly and relaxed when the furniture is placed at an angle. Create a space around the sofa where you can sit, converse, or watch TV by grouping these items together. A comfortable arrangement should be made by keeping these items within 8 feet of each other. Adding this group to a long wall can give the illusion of space, thus breaking the wall. One of the easiest options is to center a sofa against the wall; However, if your wall is too long, it may not work for you. In addition to using the grouping method, you can also make a room more manageable by adding large pieces of furniture, such as bookcases or cabinets, along a wall.

A good work of art should be the right size. A large piece of art can help break down a long wall and draw the eye in the right direction. When hanging art above the sofa, aim for a room that is about two-thirds the length of the sofa. You can measure the artwork vertically or horizontally. However, you may find it difficult to hang such large pieces of art. This can be accomplished by tightly grouping a few smaller pieces together, making them appear as one larger piece. If you want a collage look, you can use multiple images of the same size or group different images together.

For the artwork to be well laid out, height is crucial. The center of your artwork should be about 6 feet above the ground as a general rule. Most people can see it from this angle, which makes it ideal for viewing. A rule of thumb is to leave at least nine inches between the bottom of the art and the top of the sofa. Some people, however, prefer to just hold the art and move it between the ceiling and the wall until the perfect height is reached, then mark the spot to hang the piece. To do this, you will need someone to hold the artwork. It might be better to cut pieces of paper the same size and hang them on the wall if you have a lot of pieces together or if you’re having trouble convincing someone to hold a piece. Since you are only looking at shape and size, instead of colors or patterns, the flatness of the paper can even help you make a good decision.

It is possible that your wall is too long even if your sofa is placed correctly and your art is at the right height and size. Make a long wall more attractive and break it up with a little art. Adding art to the walls on top of other objects or furniture is a great technique to use. Using artwork that is similar in size and located roughly the same distance from the centerpiece is the best approach. Despite the appealing qualities of asymmetry, asymmetric arrangements are generally easier to use.