As everyone of us knows, winter is the season of magic, holidays and snow, but also the season of a fresh start. In addition, winter is a rather cold and sometimes gloomy time of the year, which can bring sadness not only to the soul, but also to the home.

We already know that in interior design everything is important to create warmth and coziness. From the rules of space ergonomics to the influence of the colors we use, every detail must have its place. Today, in order to be able to enjoy every moment of winter, we offer you some design tips that will allow you to create an interior full of warmth and comfort, so that you can fully enjoy this time of year. .

Use bright colors

During the winter, each of us would like our home to be not only warm, but also welcoming and full of comfort. Therefore, the first tip that you can follow to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere on winter evenings is to use bright warm colors. Go for bright tones, full of energy and life. Choose from a range of color shades, such as gold, yellow, red, orange, etc. You can also use the brown color, which makes the interior look natural and full of life. This can also be combined with orange, red, slate gray, purple, etc.

These colors can be used equally well for walls, furniture, or integrated via accessories, decorations, rugs, etc.

Maintains 3/3 mixum in interior design

This is one of the relatively new rules of interior design. The one who showcased and developed this concept is designer Mark McCauley. He came up with the idea of ​​vertical color distribution in his book “Home Color Therapy: Real-Life Solutions for Adding Colors to Your Life”.

With nature as a benchmark, the vertical ruler distributes the colors according to their location in the natural environment. Thus, the darker colors will be placed closer to the ground (in nature their analogy is grass in dark tones, pebbles, earth etc.). Mid tones will be located because plants and trees are in nature. Finally, in the upper part, you can use the light shades.

The designer has developed this formula to be perfectly functional in any style of interior design. This can be a useful starting point for those trying to put together the perfect palette. It can work with colorful and monochrome shades.

Hide household chemicals in closed drawers

Daily life spoils the image no less than a mess. Most of the bottles and cans with household chemicals and cosmetics that we use in the bathroom and kitchen have bright colors and certainly cannot fit into any interior design making it uncomfortable. . Hide them in closed drawers or replace them with simple containers – nowadays you can find a wide variety of these laconic bottles in the assortment of home markets. You can also make them yourself, for example, from medicated jars.

Store food in beautiful containers and jars

Storage utensils are also a decoration for your apartment. And even what is not always in sight (on the table or on open shelves) should be well preserved. It will give you a real feeling of comfort.

Choose containers made from living materials, such as tin, straw, wood or felt. They have more charm than plastic products and also make storage spaces attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Add wood to the arrangement

The use of natural wood in the interior is quite a practical solution to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. It complements the colors of the room, but also helps you create the perfect atmosphere. If you are still in the process of furnishing your interior, it is not yet too late to opt for a parquet floor.

Likewise, you can choose another more varied integration like furniture, tables, shelves, etc., which are perfect especially when you want to replace already old items. You can find anything you want on Nyfurnitureoutlets. In addition, you can choose to embed the wood in the interior through wooden objects, decorations or other accessories, such as trays, cup holders or simple decorative elements that are original and pleasant.

Don’t forget the winter-specific decor

Each season has its own details and elements. Winter always comes with its aroma of cinnamon, orange, the smell of fir or berries. All this allows you to enjoy the cold season and the pleasures it offers. Use scented candles, sprays, etc., and decorations such as fir twigs, cones, cinnamon, etc. If you prefer to bake, complete the atmosphere with cookies, muffins or freshly baked cookies. In this way, you will create the desired atmosphere, full of warm warmth.

Go for soft textures

Sometimes in the winter you prefer to wrap yourself in something soft, plush and cozy, to feel warm and cozy. You can cover your sofas or armchairs with a soft blanket, soft and pleasant to the touch. In winter, they are easily found in almost any store, in a wide variety of patterns, colors and materials. In addition to blankets placed on soft furniture, do not forget about pillows – another element that creates comfort and warmth, especially in winter.

Associate your home with winter outdoors!

Flowers are the element present in almost every home during the hot season. Now don’t forget to be in tune with the cold season too! Choose a more particular change of the interior with the help of arrangements, such as wicker baskets with fir apples, twigs, as well as some decorative elements placed in various parts of the house, which will help you to take full advantage of the winter atmosphere, as well as its wonderful vacations.