While you may get more use out of some bath accessories — like towels — before you need to replace them, the same can’t be said for other items. According BuzzFeed, your shower curtain, bath mat, toothbrush, and toothbrush holder shouldn’t be there for more than three to six months (max!) before they’re replaced with new ones. And not only that; all of these should be cleaned once a week.

The reason behind this? The bathroom gets a lot of use and the moisture that accumulates there takes a toll as items can’t dry out completely. “Desiccation kills organisms and prevents their growth,” microbiologist Philip M. Tierno told BuzzFeed. Without it, say hello to germs.

Plus, and try not to waste your lunch on this one, there’s the poo factor. In news you never wanted to know, fecal coliform bacteria can find their way onto your toothbrush — as well as other bathroom fixtures — when the toilet is flushed (via American Dental Association). Although this poo bacteria has not been found to negatively affect health, ultimately it is still a poop bacteria and it goes into your mouth and rubs onto your body via your loofah or your towel. Just something to keep in mind.