Farrah Abraham is no stranger to the public eye. We remember his debut with MTV at 16 and pregnant, and she made a real name for herself when she starred in Teen Mom OG over the years as well. It can no longer be affiliated with Teen mom franchise, but she has proven that she is far from done pursuing her business dreams. And after countless other lucrative businesses, she recently announced his new therapy service, “Farrahpy”.

So what exactly does Farrahpy offer – and how much does she charge? Here is what we know.

Farrah advertised her Farrahpy service via Instagram

While some of Farrah’s business ventures seem to be paying off, many have also failed – so fans are certainly curious to see how Farrahpy works for the infamous Teen mom. She advertised the service on Instagram with a video explaining what exactly it can bring to couples. In the video, she mentions how she gave a lot of couple and sex therapy to her casting mates on MTV. Ex on the beach, and she is ready to share her wealth of knowledge with the public. She has also partnered with CamSoda, a live webcam service, to help her launch her new business.

According to NewsweekFarrah claims she wanted to start the business because she is constantly asked for advice. And she also promises to keep everyone’s information completely confidential. And her CamSoda ad further explained, “My real-life advice is best experienced in real time where I can help couples feel comfortable with each other and explore new ways to have fun in and out of the bedroom. “

How much does the service cost

If you are interested in a Farrahpy session, it will likely cost you a lot more than traditional therapy. Newsweek notes that the star charges $ 5,000 for just 30 minutes of her time. While she might believe this is an affordable deal due to her credentials as a sex worker and professional businesswoman, we wouldn’t be surprised if few people can actually commit to the high price of the service.

She also doesn’t seem to have the best reactions to Farrahpy on her Instagram. As one of her subscribers put it, “Like she can give relationship advice she’s had in 30 different relationships.” Another added: “What’s hilarious is that she thinks people will actually pay her.” And a follower with a slightly nicer response said, “I love Farrah, don’t get me wrong, but why would anyone take advice from someone who doesn’t seem able to maintain a relationship on their own? . “

The dismissed professionals are already denouncing it

Could Farrah really have any credibility as a therapist? She certainly didn’t go to school about it, and while she’s a public figure, that doesn’t necessarily mean she should be offering advice for a fee. Other professionals in the field also denounce Farrah’s abilities. Like David Lee, Ph.D. and graduate therapist, told Yahoo, “I’m all for people to have sex education, but I get a shiver that famous artists do. The last thing we need is to spread more sexual ignorance.

David Lee is not the only one to share his opinions. Therapist Donna Oriowo also told Yahoo, “I think it’s great that she wants to give advice, but I’m wary of calling it therapy.” And sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., told the publication: “Sex therapists receive over 150 hours of specialist training and over 300 hours of supervised training in sex therapy. I can tell you personally that I rely heavily on science, education, clinical experience, and consultation with my peers to assess and treat both simple and complex sexual issues.

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