Lianne Leventhal of Beyond the Common designed the chic space for her 4-year-old son.

Photo by Jared Kuzia / Styling by Alisa Goldberg / Style Productions

Throughout 2020, Beyond the Common director Lianne Leventhal found herself inundated with children’s bedroom projects. At the same time, the Brookline pro was watching her own son go from infancy to infancy. Inspired by her recent creations, Leventhal also decided to reinvent the space of her four-year-old child. His vision ? “I wanted it to have a laid back, relaxed feel with an extra layer of sophistication,” says the interior designer.

Leventhal also gave a lot of thought to the floor plan for the 225-square-foot room, which featured an empty alcove that previously contained his son’s changing table. “I [chose] to make a nice little office area, ”explains Leventhal. “Even though it’s for a toddler, I wanted it to be a room he could grow up with.” Working alongside the builders of Sagamore Select, Leventhal dropped the alcove ceiling and added raised lockers – accessible by a rolling ladder – to the opening of the recess. Then, to help distinguish the corner from the rest of the room, the designer fitted the desk with Rebecca Atwood wallcovering, a change from the Phillip Jeffries paper that covers the other walls.

Photo by Jared Kuzia / Styling by Alisa Goldberg / Style Productions

When it came to accessorizing the bedroom, Leventhal, who like her husband is an avid art collector, filled the redeveloped space with framed works the couple had amassed over the years. A large oil painting by Ellen Gronemeyer of a boy and a cat, for example, hangs between the daybed and the windows. “I thought it was such a fun and whimsical piece for a kid’s room,” says the designer.

While the finished area is packed with distinct touches – from the starry Schumacher wall covering that adorns the ceiling to the custom Liven Up Design day bed where his son now sleeps – this is another element of the project that Leventhal says makes him particularly unique. . “When I do a project for a client, I never get to see the day-to-day use of the space,” she says. “It will be really remarkable to watch him grow up and see how the [room] evolved.

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