Online designer furniture brand Swoon has revealed what the style of your home should be based on the personality traits of each zodiac. Normally, the water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) are more thoughtful in their buying habits and create a more personal style, while the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are the most impulsive and tend to adhere to current trends.


Aries are brave and daring in everything they do, and their personal interior style is no different. They love to be loud and proud, with vibrant colors and opulent designs prominent in every room.

Experts recommend trying bold graphic pieces.


Although Taurus has a sweet and calming personality, they can often feel like a warm hug to their friends and loved ones. A cozy bedroom full of soft furnishings and romantic lighting is their cup of tea.

Swoon experts advise Taurus to treat themselves to the ultimate in comfort while embracing its rustic taste.

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People born under the astrological sign are spontaneous and their interior style should always reflect this.

Their social spaces tend to be colorful, quirky, and artistic, always going the extra mile to make sure everyone is having a good time. A super stylish piece like a drinks cart or a colorful sofa could be the perfect addition.


Cancer is known to be one of the most emotional and nostalgic signs in the zodiac, and it shows clearly through their inner choices. Walls of galleries full of memories, boxes full of concert tickets and movie stubs.

To keep all those precious memories safe, the star sign might invest in some sleek and stylish wardrobes.

They can also include a geometric graphic print on their gallery wall.


Lions love luxurious, shiny decor.

A golden chair, dark wood base and glamorous accessories are what they need to feel at home.



Virgos love minimalist, organized interiors and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Experts recommend rekindling their natural love for the outdoors by incorporating raw materials into their spaces. Indoor plants in social rooms are a must.


Libra is the most social sign of the zodiac. They like to entertain, so they need a common space to play host.

They love contrasting colors and styles, white marbles and green sofas.


Thoughtful Scorpios meticulously plan their interiors. They are accessories lovers and always try to coordinate dark and bold pieces together.

A leather mirror or a trendy industrial shelf is the epitome of the Scorpion aesthetic. It’s about being a bit conceited, a bit gothic, and a bit modern.


The zodiac sign is calm and loves a space where they can relax and meditate.

They’ll love the interior decor filled with stylish rugs made with natural materials and an elegant color palette.


Pisces typically oscillate between traditional and modern aesthetics when it comes to interiors, and they love the contrast between the two. As a sign of water, they are most interested in ocean color palettes, with greens, blues and turquoises catching their attention.

Experts recommend investing in mood lighting and stylish lamps.

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