New Snacks at Corti Brothers!Something new is roasting at Corti Brothers in East Sacramento! Tina is looking for new Home Roasted Almond Kits!

Choose your news … LeftoversPreviously, presenters had the chance to choose their news. Now these are the leftovers! What crazy stories they DID NOT choose!

Elf the MusicalAshley Williams is in Woodland and they are giving us a preview of “Elf The Musical”! Get a preview of the performance and is he a Cody lookalike?

Choose your newsThese are the crazy, but true, stories that anchors can choose! Can you believe these wacky stories?

MoisturizerDo you need skin hydration? We have a solution for you! Check out these products to help moisten your skin!

Pizzeria LubaLori Wallace is in Auburn at Pizzeria Luba and they cook us calzone! See what tasty food they have for you!

Natural deodorant with pit alcoholThere is an all-natural alcohol-based deodorant! Erica and Jason are the creators of “Pit Liquor”, and they join John and Cody to tell us about their product! Of course, John and Cody have to try …

Bronze in the cityHave you wanted to get that winter tan but are just too busy to go to the tanning salon? We have a solution for you! Discover Bronze in the city! A MOBILE tanning shop!

Fall Review with Mickey WilliamsIf the year or the season has worn you out, there is no better time for a whole body refresh! Mickey Williams with “Share The Glam” joins Courtney to show us some easy and inexpensive beauty tips and ideas!

“Homemade for the Holidays”Earlier we saw the Christmas decor at the Feathered Nest in Loomis, now Julissa is talking to Brandie, Ryan and Shannon about their new show on The Design Network, Home Made for the Holidays!

The feathered nestJulissa Ortiz is in Loomis at the Feathered Nest and they are getting us ready for the holidays! Check out the Christmas decorations you can use to spruce up your home!

Downtown CabotsAre you too busy to walk or train your dog? We may have the solution for you! Ashley Williams is in Midtown Sacramento with the owner of Midtown Mutts. Find out about their services that you can use to help Fido.

Question of the dayToday’s question (in a nutshell): “What do you collect?” “

Wng mahalTina Macuha is at Folsom at Wing Mahal where they have your wings with a little Indian flavor. See what mouthwatering dishes they have for you!

All about literacyWe are in Sacramento and we celebrate and commemorate a local bookstore owner who dedicated her life to literacy. See how her dream came true to help children read and write.

Dragonfly art for lifeWe’re in Modesto at The Dragonfly Art for Life and they’re celebrating their 3rd anniversary! Find out what activities you can do to meet your artistic needs!

House and HangerJulissa Ortiz is in Winters and she does some local shopping! Find out what Home and Hanger has for your vacation!

WikiWho?In this edition of Wikiwho? John Dabkovich brings us: Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and Kim Kardashian. What do they have in common?

Awareness of alopeciaLori Wallace is in Roseville talking to a local woman who has been diagnosed with alopecia and has written a book to raise awareness about alopecia.

Leaf art in the hills of El DoradoLast year Cheryl Goldsworthy’s garden in El Dorado Hills featured a smiley face made of leaves! This year, she’s becoming a bit of a squirrel! Lori Wallace is here to check it out!

Custom crownsWant to get creative with your Christmas decor? A local flower subscription service can help you make your own wreaths! Julissa Ortiz is at Rendez-Vous Winery in Clarksburg to find out what classes they offer!

Adopt-a-familyWe are in Sacramento and you can learn to be a part of Adopt-A-Family. Find out about this awesome program and what you can do to help people.

Mad cow collectionJulissa Ortiz is in Elk Grove with a woman who has a Kooky Cow collection! See how amazing his Kooky Cow collection is!

50 marathons in 50 states!Marathon runner Randell Hansen’s goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states, and he’s getting so close to his goal! He joins Courtney to tell us about his last race and the even more ambitious goals he has set for himself!

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