A world-renowned luxury leather goods supplier, Goyard launches the ultimate line of fall accessories with its “Jet Black” series.

The brand image rules the world. Think soft drinks, and Coca-Cola comes to mind. Fries? McDonalds. Luxury French leather goods? Goyard.

When you see a Goyard piece, its Chevron pattern is unmistakable. For this we can thank the long history of the brand which spans over two centuries, but we cannot ignore its adoption by hip-hop artists over the years to give Goyard cross-cultural relevance within the General public.

Across the discographies of Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell and Big Sean (to name a few), you’ll find references to the luxury brand littered among their lyrics. As such, there is no shortage of images showing the love story of hip-hop with a color spectrum of monogrammed Chevron pieces – Kanye, Virgil and co at Paris Fashion Week 2009, anyone?

With the “Jet Black” series, no more traditional browns or the daring touches of red, yellow and green in which we are used to seeing the finished monogram. As the name suggests, each piece in this collection is executed in deep black, perfect for fall. Goyard released the same colourway as a limited edition for men in October 2019, with this upcoming launch bringing the finish to a selection of styles for women.

The series consists of seven bag options that feature a painted chevron monogram that differs slightly on each piece manufactured.

Goyard’s “Jet Black” series is now available in Goyard boutiques.

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