It was a buy from everyone’s favorite cool-girl, Chloë Sevigny, that really kicked off Good Squish. Founded by casting director Billie Cronin, the London hair accessories brand was born out of boredom during lockdown after Cronin learned to sew.

Cronin was no stranger to wearing her Swedish grandmother’s Victorian table linens in her hair: “I wore a towel as a hair bandana for ages, and my best friend came to a dinner party and told me it looked weird…because it was a towel. I really took that to heart,” she laughs. “When I learned to sew with my ex-boyfriend, we found a way to turn towels into hair accessories, and that’s how the first batch of [Good Squish] came to life.


She gave them to her friends, her friends gave them to their friends, and then the whole world started buying them, including Sevigny, who DMed it, wore one, posted about it on Instagram, then “everyone started texting me to buy them, it got crazy. It’s a story about the power of manifestation: the year before Sevigny bought his own Good Squish, Cronin had listed in her diary all the people she’d like to wear her designs, and Sevigny was number one. Now all the chicest people in London are wearing them, brides are wearing them and, ask around vogue offices, and publishers are about to buy or are already wearing theirs with pride.