The GMC Hummer EV will be offered with a variety of official accessories from launch, including a set of D-ring recovery hooks.

Articulated D-ring salvage hooks will be available through the GMC Accessories Catalog and will mount directly to the frame of the GMC Hummer EV. Front and rear hooks are available, each offering a maximum capacity of 15,000 pounds. Recovery hooks like these are typically used to get a vehicle out of an area where it is stuck, such as a ditch, deep mud or snow, for example.

GMC claims that the appearance of the D-Ring accessory was designed to blend in with the exterior of the GMC Hummer EV, with a colorful anodized finish and Hummer EV branding. D-rings will be available in Black, Red or Tech Bronze. The photos in this item show Tech Bronze bushings, which match the various other Tech Bronze accents that will be featured on the GMC Hummer EV First Edition.

Other official GMC accessories that will be available with the Hummer EV from launch include roof cross rails, an all-terrain accessory light bar and all-terrain nacelle lights. The Pod Lights also serve as an easy mounting point for action cameras like those manufactured by GoPro, allowing GMC Hummer EV owners to easily record their off-road adventures.

“The GMC Hummer EV accessory line will be a one-of-a-kind lineup, offering all new customization choices that meet the needs of extreme off-roading and enhance the convenience and capabilities associated with owning an all-electric supercharger,” Brantley Johnson, Ancillary Products Manager. for GMC, said in a prepared statement.

The GMC Hummer EV pickup will go into production at GM Factory Zero this fall, with the GMC Hummer EV SUV joining the pickup variant in 2023. Photos in this article show the D-Ring recovery hooks installed on the Hummer EV to be available later. SUV.

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Photos of GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks and SUVs

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