Stephen A Smith gets more than a little descriptive when talking about his and his partners’ bedroom

Stephen A Smith is not a man who holds his tongue. Heck, his job counts on never doing that.

When it comes to hot takes, this man has made a career out of doing the hottest ones, doing pretty much anything not as extreme as Skip Bayless’s routine to keep the notes down. And his bold attitude has even made him the star of the ESPN franchise today. And with that, comes attention.

Now, you can’t talk about attention without mentioning Jake Paul these days. So what happens when you put them together…aside for some really good publicity?

You are about to find out.

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Stephen A Smith is tricked by Jake Paul and his team into revealing part of his bedroom life, which he cunningly does

As breathtaking as he is, Stephen A Smith is not a married man, although he is a father of 2 daughters.

In other words, even at 55, this man is more than willing to have a little fun. And as he revealed during an appearance with Jake Paul very recently, he’s damn proud of it too.

Now, we can’t say that Stephen A Smith speaking here was his fault. At the end of the day, he was encouraged by the people who interrogated him, and all he said was that it was private information.

Yet the man’s expressions spoke much louder than his words ever could. And while they were humorous, and we’re happy for this man and the life he leads… that information was probably best left undisclosed.

Who is the mother of Stephen A Smith’s two daughters?

Stephen A Smith has been very tight-lipped about the identity of his family.

Only once did he mention he had two daughters, and at the time he implied they were around 10 and 11 years old.

His daughters’ names are Samantha and Nyla, two people Smith couldn’t articulate enough at the time, mean the world to him.

For a man whose face is absolutely everywhere on this planet, no number of internet sleuths have figured out more information about the dearest of man.

And for the sake of his privacy, we hope they never will.

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