Rough, bare (and, if we’re honest, boring) walls have no place in our homes which now double as workspaces. The expansive canvases provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your sense of design and impeccable taste that is displayed throughout the rest of your home. How to spruce up your walls can seem just as confusing as figuring out where to place furniture, but there are so many brands of innovative paints and wall coverings out there that make decorating your surroundings easier than ever. You don’t have to be a dedicated art collector to fill in these beautifully painted walls (although we’ll never say no to a gallery wall).

With innovative pieces like rainbow intaglios and quirky animal sconces continually hitting the market, it’s much easier to shop for items with personality and turn a white wall into a piece of resistance. of your house. Also, don’t hesitate to buy your own collection. You might be surprised to find precious tableware, blouse bows, or antique cards that could make unexpected but delightful wall decorations. This is also the best time to call on a painter decorator or an artist to create a truly one-of-a-kind scene. Coming soon, 24 unique and so elegant wall decoration ideas that you are sure to love from the VERANDA archives.

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