Life is better at home when you surround yourself with visually pleasing furniture and decorations. More than ever, homes are now sanctuaries for people. While staying indoors for long periods of time can put you at risk for cabin fever, you can get your safe haven back by turning it into something similar to an art gallery or model home. Making massive constructions will surely allow you to make major modifications. But simple additions to your furniture collection and switching to a new shade can also create a significant impact.

A change of scenery can benefit you and give you a little breathing room by staying indoors. Having small interior design projects will also keep you busy – which is what you need to get bored. If you have a theme in mind but aren’t sure what enhancements you want, you can conceptualize and play around with different design ideas below.

Using mirrors

Mirrors are a classic trick if you want to make the space bigger without getting involved in expensive house rebuilding projects. Mirrors reflect light, helping to create the illusion that an area is larger and brighter than it is. Instead of installing a large mirror sheet on a wall, you can get creative. Choose one with a steel frame overlay or one that comes in multiple pieces.

Break the monotony with wallpaper

Solid hues are nice and they do the job of adding color to your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to using concrete block shades throughout your home. To make your walls more eye-catching, you can break up solid blocks of color by lining parts of your walls with beautiful wallpaper. It should come from the same color scheme as your walls but with a nice pattern.

Play with colors

Besides using a beautiful wallpaper, you can also get creative and find the courage to use different hues. Using vivid shades from opposite sides of the color wheel in a space can feel disorganized and chaotic. But it can exude a unique charm that will surely make your interiors stand out.

Define the space with rugs

Beneficial for tight spaces or studio-style apartments, smart positioning of your furniture can help you create an illusion of defined areas and larger rooms without the use of dividers. Home furnishings like a sofa and table can do the trick, but rugs are more effective. By placing a rug under your living room or dining room, you create an intimate situation in this small space. It gives the impression that he has partitions.

Use low tables for tight spaces

Instead of leaving tight spaces to collect dust, you can use them by placing a coffee table with small but fancy decorations. Most people use low tables to display their scented candles, a collection of miniature statues, and family photos. Whatever design you have in mind, using a coffee table alone can serve one purpose: to maximize any space in your home.

Unmount your partitions

Most think partitions make an area more visible, considering how it can define the space. But a huge difference can only be noticeable after you have taken the dividers apart. Open spaces can feel cluttered and overly open when imagined, but this setup creates a more cohesive interior look and makes any room appear larger. You have to be careful not to place too much furniture, however, otherwise it will become cluttered. Instead, you can go for versatile furniture and make the space as open as possible.

Display works of art

To make your home look like an art gallery, you should not forget to display works of art in certain rooms. The paintings on your walls and the small statues in your living room and garden are items that you can use. You can also use functional pieces like a fancy hand sculpture to hold some of your jewelry. Or you can use a stylishly designed wardrobe to store your designer clothes and stylish clothes that feature New Look designs.

Bring it to life

Your home must come to life with your design choices or something sensitive to distinguish it from rigid model homes. The colors make it inviting, but the plants do the job of breathing life into it. In addition to bringing a touch of calm to your interior, plants are also natural air purifiers. They can improve the quality of your indoor air without using electricity or anything artificial.

Don’t let the pandemic keep your creativity flowing. With small interior design projects, you can make your interior more beautiful. You can also give yourself something to do in the midst of this chaotic time.