A girl who uses a respirator has been rescued from wreckage after her home was rocked and destroyed by a tornado in the United States.

The girl’s mother, Dea Castellanos, described hearing rain and wind outside as she sat on the couch in her living room in Arabi, Louisiana.

The next thing she knew, the whole house started spinning while her daughter, who has muscular dystrophy, was in another room.

Ms Castellanos said she could feel the house go full circle and found herself in a bedroom.

Tossed about nine meters from its land, the single-storey house crashed in the middle of a street, she said through a translator in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Dea Castellanos walks through her destroyed home in Arabi, Louisiana.(AP Photo/Rebecca Santana)

Within moments, neighbors said they saw the girl’s parents emerge from the wreckage, frantically calling for help.

Their daughter was still in her room inside the rubble, calling for her mother.

Neighbors call for help after their home was destroyed

Neighbor Chuck Heirsch said he called emergency services after seeing the family trying to reach the girl.

“They were already traumatized from doing that Wizard of Oz trick,” Mr. Heirsch said.

Firefighters quickly arrived and took the girl into a blanket.

An ambulance took the girl to hospital, where she underwent surgery overnight, Ms Castellanos said.

Patients with muscular dystrophy commonly use CPAP machines to help with respiratory function.

Girl on the road to recovery

Describing the rescue, St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis said the hospitalized girl was “doing well”.

On Wednesday, friends and relatives helped Ms Castellanos clean up possessions that could be salvaged from the shattered house, such as clothes and souvenirs.

One of the birds Mrs. Castellanos kept as a pet stood on the ground, scattering debris all around.

Ms Castellanos said she was grateful to everyone who came to help with the cleanup, bringing food, bin bags and work gloves.