GILBERT, Ariz. (3TV/CBS 5) – Brittany Meyer has a hole in her bedroom wall, burnt sheets, and chunks of plaster strewn across the floor. Meyer, her partner and her 6-month-old son were rocked from bed by a large explosion that shook their entire home.

“We heard the bang, then I opened my eyes and the whole room was lit up with orange sparks,” Meyer said. “I think at that point you just don’t know what happened.”

The Gilbert de Meyer house appears to have been hit by a type of aerial firework around 3.30am on Tuesday morning, hours after the end of the July 4 festivities. Police believe the fireworks were set off somewhere along Chandler Heights Road, possibly by someone in a moving vehicle, pointing towards the Seville subdivision.

“You just think about your children at that time. You think about getting your kids to safety,” Meyer said. “You’re not part of the equation anymore, you just want to make sure they’re safe.”

The distraught mum suffered a burn on her arm. Her infant son had a small burn on his forehead and he may have hearing loss from the loud blast. Meyer’s other son, who is three, was in another room and was unharmed. Looking at the damage, Meyer knows it could have ended much worse.

“Yeah, 100% we’re angry and upset,” Meyer said. “But our lives were spared and that’s the only blessing I try to focus on.”

The family hopes that by sharing their story, it will generate new leads and help Gilbert police catch the person responsible.

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