We’ve all enjoyed Halloween at some point, dressed in your favorite costume, ready to walk around the neighborhood with a pillowcase or a pumpkin bucket. Grab those trusty flashlights and drag your parents along as you go from house to house, knocking on every door.

Your favorite houses were most likely the ones with spooky decorations out front, adding to the paranormal and spooky appeal on Halloween.

Now, as the owner, it’s up to you to have fun, but in a different way. It’s time to decorate your house for the trick-or-treaters.

Whether you like to go all out and cover your lawn in a spooky scene or go more minimal with the holidays like hanging ghosts in your tree out front, you’ll appreciate these tips. Some are very economical while others may require a trip to the Halloween store.

Before you start covering your lawn with 12-foot tall skeletons and lights galore, you want to consider safety. Make sure your main entrance is safe if you invite cheaters at the door. You don’t want a child to slip because they didn’t see that little step on your catwalk. Think of creative ways to have fun with it.

Five things you need to know

Five things you need to know


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Place masking tape along a stone wall. Brighten up dark walkways with cute Halloween decorations. Also, make sure you have a front light or something that tells cheaters you’re inviting them to knock on your door.

There are a few money-saving tricks to make your home really stand out in the neighborhood this Halloween. Consider decorating your windows with artificial spiders and cobwebs. Also apply broken glass stickers to windows for a haunted house effect. Dim your porch lights from their usual white light to black or yellow bulbs for a spooky look. Hang your porch swing across or prop up pieces of wood on your windows to give it a boarded-up look. Take that old broom that was sitting in your garage and make it look like a witch’s broom. If you’re creative, it may seem like an entire coven has descended on your home.

Visit your local dollar store and purchase window decals, candle holders and more to decorate the home. These can also be easy ways to decorate an office or workspace.

You can use your bushes or shrubs to your advantage. Cobweb decor is inexpensive and easy to decorate. Drape your bushes or doorway with webs and get plastic spiders to complete it. You can also add zombie eyes or hands to the bushes to make it more scary.

It’s easier to design when you think of a theme. Maybe your home will be alien and UFO themed with an airstrip in the yard. Or it will be a cemetery with tons of creative tombstones. Another fun is to make it look like a skeleton’s house. Ask them to walk a skeleton dog or throw a dance party on the lawn.

Some people don’t like carving pumpkins. Between the squishy seeds and when they rot and mold later, carving isn’t for everyone. Instead of carving, consider painting your pumpkins with spooky themes or funny faces. If you love pumpkins for fall decor, give uncarved, unpainted pumpkins and gourds a bath of bleach. This will help them stay longer before they break down on your steps.

Do you have a fantastic, spooky setup in your home? We would like to see it. Send the photos to [email protected]

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