What is athflow? Basically it’s athleisure with a high update. Breathable and stylish, the athflow fashion is a transitional garment that is “professional enough for the ‘office’, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the sofa,” as Pinterest puts it. It’s also a hot trend for 2022, as we reported in our recent 2022 Gift Book Trends webinar. Here are some trending examples of the look to inspire your next fashion display.

Relaxed yet sophisticated, the loose chalet sweater has wide sleeves and a stretchy knit blend for optimal comfort. Sea-Sea.

A playful jumpsuit can be paired with a blazer for an office look or worn alone for a casual date at the park or the beach. Buddha pants.

Bright palazzo pants can be toned down with solid-colored tops for the office or accented with bright colors for happy hour. Top It Off Accessories.

Black joggers provide a comfortable fit for relaxing at home and are stylish enough to leave the house for quick runs. Pudus.

An asymmetric hem and ties on the sleeves add style to this relaxed Tunisian collar top. Coco + Carmen.

Oversized cardigans and blankets, like this Lavina kaftan, drape elegantly over more casual clothing for added style. Mud Pie.

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