Although he missed the opportunity to study interior design as his favorite course, Alex David showed his prowess in molding sophisticated designs for high-end homes owned by some of Kenya’s wealthiest personalities. .

His works in the design and decoration of flowerbeds, pillars and windows have attracted fame from different circles.

In an interview with said he has worked for prominent Kenyans including new President William Ruto, Mandera Senator Ali Roba and Soy MP David Kiplagat.

Born into a family of eight children, his upbringing was characterized by financial constraints as they sometimes slept on an empty stomach. He says he discovered his artistic talents as a child when he helped his classmates draw school diagrams.

A cast designed and manufactured by Alex David in Nairobi.


Alex, 27, started molding 10 years ago in Mombasa when he met Indian merchants specializing in interior decoration. His father was also a craftsman who operated a business that targeted tourists in the coastal town.

He used to help smooth his dad’s curiosity when he developed an interest in crafts. To first he made molded designs from wood before moving on to work with cement and sand.

Although he struggled to market his skills in the early stages of his work, Alex says his works were gradually gaining fame and recognition from relevant players in the construction industry.

Among the main projects Alex worked on in his early days, he says, were the crocodile sculptures in Mamba Village in Mombasa.

In 2015, he moved to Nairobi to re-establish his business in Nairobi. Securing jobs in the city was no picnic, as moldings weren’t as popular then as they are now. He had to explain to the construction managers what the art entails and sometimes had to demonstrate to them.

Managers fell in love with his skills, a moment he says was his breakthrough. Dismissals started coming in from the suburbs of Nairobi and its metropolis.

The increasing number of customers required more manpower and therefore resulted in the recruitment of more workers.

Alex currently manages Prezzo Logistics Molding, a company specializing in exterior and interior molding. HWe have trained unemployed young people through apprenticeships which he says helps equip young people with relevant skills.

Alex, however, denounced Kenya’s overreliance on foreign products rather than promoting local industries and products. He pleaded with the new government to ensure that local industries are protected from imported goods and labour.

“There are a lot of talented young people in Kenya, but they are struggling to realize their potential. The government should strive to give young people the opportunity to use these talents.

A face showing casting work by Alex David.

A face showing casting work by Alex David.