Eternal Roses, a luxury preserved rose brand has launched its new collection to explore. You can never go wrong with Roses.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 26, 2021 / – June is here to make you proud of your choices, options and rights. Yes, now is the time to celebrate Pride Month. It is a celebration of the spread of unconditional love, self-identification, equality for all and freedom of choice. The pride movement has helped millions of people around the world accept the LGBTQ community without prejudice and has allowed them to exercise their choice. Today, this global celebration has become a symbol of equality and identity. Obviously it is not only limited to the month of June but a way of life throughout the year but the month is now celebrated with parades, conventions, meetings, marches with an ever increasing participation of people from all walks of life.

Giving is always the trickiest part of any celebration, especially when looking for all-inclusive gift items that reflect human emotion and connectedness. It has become more difficult in recent times when the pandemic has hit social life hard. Today more than ever, we need gifts that carry the message of love, empathy and human connection.

Love and roses have been inseparable from time immemorial and the bond is fascinating. No wonder people buy roses to express their love, appreciation, support, and celebration. With the invention of durable roses, the category of gifts evolved into various forms. Likewise, during this difficult time, treating yourself or your best friend with gender-affirming gifts and exceptional home decor arrangements is something we all love, right? Eternal roses®, a pioneer of preserved rose arrangements, has launched its pride-worthy flower arrangements and gift sets. The specially designed gift options not only provide a vibrant outlook on life and inclusion, but are also a stylish piece to give to your LGBTQ + friends on a special occasion.

The Pride collection brings an intrinsic design and mixes the different shades of pink to create a healthy experience. The Loud & Proud gift box doubles as an exquisite decorative element and gift inspiration. With sources of roses from Ecuador (and very few companies do) and naturally preserved to retain their true original identity, they are exclusive, elegant and leave a lasting impression.

All gift collections are handmade with a signature style. Whether someone is looking for a pride gift for their trans best friend, genderqueer partner, or lesbian / gay person, there is something for everyone.

June is also the official month to welcome summer. The new collection also mixes all the special colors and vibrancy of summer in flower arrangements, centerpieces and gift baskets. With us there are plenty of gift-worthy options available for everyone, every identity with a wide range of budgets.

Whether it’s pride or summer, celebrating special moments with everlasting roses will never go out of style.

Happy pride and summer!

About eternal roses®

Created in 2017, Eternal Roses® is a function-driven company. Founded and led by American veteran Mr. Lance Horn and his wife Ms. Monica Horn, Eternal Roses is distinguished by its creative innovation and value-added services. Since its inception, the company has focused on manufacturing the highest quality preserved rose products using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver a product that all will admire.

They were aiming for the entrepreneurial vision of making everlasting roses® a more durable gift and home decor brand than traditional florists can offer, while still delivering the freshness of natural roses. The Eternal Roses team®, sources the best roses from the highlands of Ecuador to maintain high quality.

Enjoy the widest range of our Eternal Roses and how they are transformed into masterpieces in various arrangements and collectibles.

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