Whether you’re looking for or just looking for a family singer-songwriter or musician and know your family and friends will only buy you practical holiday things like socks! Here are some new music gear accessories from American Songwriter that are worth considering!

Every guitarist needs another clip-on tuner because they keep losing them. D’Addario just came out low profile Nexxus 360 tuner designed by Ned Steinberger. It is rechargeable, has a round face that rotates and can be leaned against the headstock and a bright LED display screen. Charging lasts 24 hours and turns off automatically after 10 minutes. The on-screen battery charge indicator can be calibrated with various settings in addition to 440. Retail price is $ 29.99.

If you or your favorite artist needs to carry your electric guitar on Broadway in downtown Nashville, then this gift is a no-brainer. Mono Creators developed the Mono Vertigo Ultra Electric Concert bag with the new Freeride wheel system. The well padded carrying bag comes with two sturdy wheels that Velcro at the bottom of the carrying bag via straps. New features of the Vertigo Ultra include reflective stripes on the front for better visibility at night and load lifting straps. There is also a handle at the head of the bag for easy rolling on the Freeride wheel system. I hope Mono will release this for the acoustics and their double bags as well. List price for the new Mono gig bag is $ 349.99.

This is a neck and string protector, a pick and capo holder, a cleaning cloth and a guitar strap! Meet The string slingshot, created for those of us who like to keep our guitars where we can see them and play them more frequently. The microfiber material wraps around the neck of the guitar to prevent the strings from oxidizing due to the environment. That it is also a guitar strap and a cleaning cloth are just additional advantages. It also includes strap locks and spikes. A great gift idea at only $ 42.99.

In-ear monitors are a must-have on stage now, but what is the fun of having just one design on your cases that everyone sees? Ultimate Ears Switch in-ear monitor The series allows you to create and use multiple facades with your logo, initials or any other creative element of your choice in the colors of your choice. Switch faceplates are easily interchangeable with a twist and are currently offered in the UE PRO and UE CSX headphones. Upload your artwork to create whatever you want and make the Switch or get a gift card for the ears and ears of someone you care about. Prices vary by model, so check the website.

For the reader on your list, or for you, Dave Hunter covers the history of Fender up to the birth of Leo Fender there in this cool hardcover publication, Mudguard 75 years. What stands out from this book, besides the tweed dust cover, is the excellent job Hunter did in keeping the book entertaining throughout and the awesome behind-the-scenes photos of Fender employees at the start. Also fascinating are the vintage advertisements and the close-up images of Fender artists. Mudguard 75 years does not require the reader to be a guitar geek. Dave Hunter has distilled a huge amount of information and takes you from the beginning to the future with new applications, technologies, amplifiers and of course guitars. It’s a great coffee table book in the music room and it looks cozy next to a tweed amp. The retail price is $ 50 and is available at many bookstores.

Here are some fun ideas with new products for the holiday season, from clip-on guitar tuners and covers, string protectors, in-ear monitors and a book. Stay tuned for more new music material products from American Songwriter in 2022!