Since the turn of the millennium, Dwell has brought us great designs to enhance our way of life and managed to forge itself as a strong voice in architecture. For the past 20 years, the American publication has provided us with clues and inspiration to design our dream home, and finally, they present it to us on a platter of gold! They drew on their decades of experience to bring us their very own “Dwell House”. Simply put, the Dwell House is a 540 square foot ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), built in collaboration with Adobu, whose beautiful little houses have impressed us time and time again.

Designer: Dwell x Adobu x Norm Architects

Dwell describes the house as “a California-Copenhagen combination of bright spaces and Scandinavian simplicity.” If you look closely at the house, it looks a lot like the structures featured daily on Dwell’s homepage. A gabled roof, cedar facade, Scandinavian-inspired interiors, and classic white kitchen cabinets are reminiscent of many of the tiny homes we often devour on the pages of Dwell and fantasize about one day as our own homes. The one-chamber ADU is built off-site and effortlessly transported to your property, all thanks to Adobu. It features one bedroom, one full bathroom, a large kitchen equipped with Bosche appliances, and a 12 foot folding glass wall.

Norm Architects also played a vital role, designing the house with careful attention and attention to detail. Their main goal was to make sure the house was ‘functional’, rather than flashy or extravagant. Expanses of glass have been incorporated into the home to create an open and spacious space, which encourages indoor and outdoor living. The main feature of the house is the 12-foot glass wall (custom-made by NanaWall), which literally folds and unfolds, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Durable and durable cedar wood side walls are featured throughout the house – you can choose a natural or black finish.

“We introduced the Dwell House because we don’t just want to cover design that responds to contemporary living, we want to make it a reality in the world,” said the magazine’s editor, William Hanley. “We want people to be able to add more well-designed space to their homes in the easiest way possible. The design part is key, and that’s where Dwell’s expertise comes in. We’ve seen hundreds of ADU blueprints over the years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. And with Norm Architects, we had a great partner to turn that expertise into a home that’s been thought out down to the smallest detail – and it looks great in any backyard, too.

Designed to be versatile and flexible – the house can be used as a guest house, office, home gym or even a pool house! Of course, it could also function as your main residence or as an extension of your home. The Dwell House can fit right into your backyard if you’re willing to fish for $389,000. The price might be considered steep, but if you’re tired of the same old ADUs that often look like tool sheds or starships, then the Dwell House is a great bet for you!