We at The Post are working “9 to 5” to bring you the best shopping news, and we’re in “Puppy Love” with this new launch.

If you couldn’t guess from the songs above, we’re talking about Miss Dolly Parton and her brand new line of pet toys, clothes and accessories. Ready for the name?

Doggy Parton is the new line, and if you know anything about Dolly, you won’t be surprised to see pink, cowboy hats and rhinestones galore. The collection is available now on Amazon, and will soon be available on its own site and at other retailers later this month.

Our favorites include an all-Dolly Parton costume, complete with blonde wig, perfect for Halloween, and a microphone-shaped chew toy.

Parton, 76, adds an affectionate animal lover and activist to her long list of credentials, with a partnership award from the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2003 for her efforts to save the bald eagle population and work with the Dogs deserve better organization.

Plus, we’d be in the doghouse with Parton if we didn’t mention the collection’s smushy face, Billy The Kid, whose godmother-dog-mother Dolly is pictured below.


Doggy Parton also has a charity component, with some of the proceeds from sales going to Willa B Farms Animal Sanctuaryout of Parton’s home state of Tennessee.

“’Puppy Love’ was my very first record and 6 decades later my love for pets is stronger than ever. It inspired me to launch my own line of Doggy Parton clothing, accessories, toys and more with a little Dolly twist,” Parton said in a press release. “Part of the proceeds will support Willa B Farms, a rescue where animals in need find endless love. Don’t we all need this?

A logo that reads Doggy Parton

To honor your own pet with a “coat of many colors,” add a splash of pink to that when you shop the full collection, live on Amazon now. Browse their collection of clothing, collars and leashes, toys and more accessories now, while supplies last.

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