As beautiful as the colors are, displaying them excessively in your interior space can be a source of discomfort. In fact, it’s safest to design with no more than two to three soft shades and match them with other decors.

Indeed, designing with multiple colors in your interior space, especially a living space, can be unsettling to the point of making the mood physically and psychologically disturbing.

Implications of colors in your space
Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological responses.

This is why some colors have the ability to strain the eyes, raise blood pressure, increase metabolism, and have other effects. So, if in an interior space you have too many bright colors, it can be difficult to breathe in relaxing air. The colors of your space bring your inner perspective into play. Introducing excessive colors, whether with your upholstery or other interior items, décor, designs and accessories, has the ability to distort your thoughts.

Play it safe with color
When in doubt about the color of your home decor, opt for no more than three of the following mature and safe shades: white, off-white, black (but not as wall paint), gold, silver, sky blue, cream, brown and chocolate. . These hues are not loud, they are natural mixers and matchers which make them stand alone and harmonize with other interior designs and accessories.