With spring blooming in summer, love is in the air. Perhaps now is a great time to take a fresh look at how you can comfort your home’s inner sanctum: the bedroom.

Rooms are meant to be restful retreats, a place of healing and relaxation, says interior designer Jeanne Campana of Jeanne Campana Design on Long Island.

“Choosing a soft color palette with calming textures can create a sense of calm,” says Campana. “Cushions, comfy knits in neutral tones, rich wood accents, and faux fur throws are all great places to start. An upholstered statement bed with a rug underneath anchors the space to create a warm feeling. “

Colors and fabrics can transform any space and should promote rest and relaxation in a bedroom, while also being energizing for those lazy mornings when you need a little help getting out of your cozy bed.

“Soft, lighter neutrals, with subtly patterned textured fabrics, tend to enhance a serene vibe and generate relaxation,” says Campana, who advises customers to look for less contrast and more tonality.

To make your bed more welcoming, Campana recommends decorating it with soft linens, a luxurious duvet, plenty of pillows and a faux fur blanket.

“Layering these soft elements with different textures throughout the space creates a warm and welcoming feeling,” she explains.

Sitting areas, like a pair of upholstered chairs or a loveseat placed at the foot of the bed, combine form and function and are a perfect way to maximize your bedroom space.

“The symmetry makes it elegant, allowing it to blend in with a variety of styles while still feeling plush and comfortable,” Campana says. “Upholstery fabrics like chenille and velvet add an extra touch of softness.”

A chair with a small table and a lamp in the corner of a room is also a great opportunity to create a perfect place to relax, she adds.

Light control and privacy are absolutely essential in a bedroom. During the day, you will probably want to bring in optimal natural light. At night, you’ll want to close your window treatments for more privacy.

“Drapery panels, with a liner to give them an extra layer of insulation, are the best option for noise and light control,” says Campana. “These panels are also versatile because they open and close easily and can be added on top of other window treatments such as shades and shades to create a layered look.

Prized for their warm colors and textures, hardwood floors should be covered with plush shag rugs to add coziness and coziness and give your feet a soft landing early in the morning, notes Campana.

“Rugs can also provide a starting point for room decor by adding color, texture and pattern to your space,” she says.

Comfortable rooms need light, says Campana. “Although natural light is the best, various light sources such as soft bedside lamps, candles, chandeliers and recessed ceiling lights with dimmers create a sophisticated, tranquil and intimate atmosphere,” she explains.

This story first appeared in the Long Island Press.