Norwich – Police say a 30-year-old man from Willimantic was intoxicated and driving at high speed when his vehicle took off from a stone wall, through live power lines and into the second floor of a multi-family home at 665 W. Thames St.

No serious injuries were reported among the occupants of the house, but the vehicle struck the wall of a bedroom on the second floor. The house was not the only personal property damaged early Saturday morning by a vehicle which police said was driven by William Lassiter of 20 Prospect Street, app. 1, Willimantic.

Lassiter is being held in lieu of $ 75,000 bail on a warrant for his failure to appear in Willimantic court to respond to his second arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to l ‘State. Norwich Police are working on another warrant to charge him with DUI and other charges.

Police say they initially received a call around 1:30 am Saturday from Modelo Bar & Grill at 543 W. Thames St. The report involved a man using an SUV to crash into other vehicles in the parking lot and leave the scene. Police arrived and found six damaged vehicles, five of which were sufficiently damaged to require towing. Two electric poles were also hit.

Police caught up with Lassiter at the crash scene at 665 W. Thames St., where they found the vehicle hanging on the second floor of the house with wires wrapped around it.

East Great Plain Volunteer Fire Chief Keith Milton said the outcome could have been worse, as the vehicle landed in a girl’s bedroom. She was sleeping in her bed at the time and was taken to hospital with only minor injuries. Milton said she was visibly shaken by the crash, which sprayed debris throughout her room. The vehicle approached a few meters from his bed.

Milton said firefighters stabilized the crashed vehicle and called the City of Norwich Fire Department, who brought a tower ladder, Truck 1, to the scene. After the power cut, the fire truck dumpster was used to lift a firefighter up to the vehicle to assess the driver’s condition. Milton declined to comment on the condition of the driver.

Lassiter was taken to Backus Hospital and later released into custody. Criminal charges are coming, police said.

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