SPOKANE, Wash. – A fire in a bedroom in an East Midtown duplex prompted a rapid response from Spokane Fire Department (SFD) crews just after midnight Sunday.

SFD companies were dispatched to a multi-family home in South Pittsburgh’s 400 block following reports of the fire. Units arrived on scene within six minutes of the alarm.

Smoke and flames were visibly emanating from a bedroom at the back of the duplex when responders arrived. Firefighters launched a quick attack, focused on extinguishing the flames in the chamber while assessing the rest of the structure and checking for occupants. The roof has been vented to help reduce heat and smoke inside the room.

Thanks to the rapid intervention, the crews managed to prevent any spread of the fire. However, there was some fire damage to the bedroom and extensive smoke damage to the rest of the interior of the house. The cost of damage is estimated at approximately $50,000.

The SFD’s special investigation unit was able to determine the cause of the fire. One of the occupants of the house was burning a letter in her room, which quickly spread.

Five people were displaced by the fire and the Red Cross was called in to provide accommodation.

SFD shares the following security reminder:

Plan and practice your fire escape plan. Always sleep with your bedroom door closed. There should be two exits from any room used for sleeping. Children, the elderly, and people with access or functional needs need extra help waking up and going out. Have an agreed meeting place outdoors, a safe distance from your home where firefighters can easily find you. Remember that smoke and heat rise, so stay low to the ground when exiting the house.