NEW MILFORD – The city continues to see a building permit boom a year after the start of the pandemic, according to data from the building department.

Mayor Pete Bass reported that officials from the Planning and Construction Department informed him that they have been incredibly busy lately. City building official Bill Murphy has met with the mayor weekly to update him on permits and inspections across New Milford.

“In fact, according to Mr. Murphy, it’s the busiest in over a decade, which is great news,” Bass said at a city council meeting on Monday. “He expects this trend to continue with strong growth.”

Last March, the building department issued more than 70 permits, mostly relating to renovations or new constructions of houses. People were installing swimming pools, decks, new roofs and garages, as well as building single-family homes. In February, more than 35 permits were issued.

“It started last March at the start of the pandemic and continues today,” Bill Murphy wrote in an email about the boom in city construction. “It’s a real cross-section of what we’re allowing, but home improvement would be the watchword.”

New Milford construction trends follow the country’s real estate and construction trends. The past month saw one of the biggest home building booms in the United States since 2006, according to the Associated Press. The low number of family homes for sale during the pandemic has led to an increase in construction, the AP reported.

Usually Murphy’s office issues about 1,200 to 1,400 permits per year, but as of the start of the year, they already total about 2,750 permits. Specifically, single-family residence permits are on the rise for the year. They have currently issued around 50 permits when they are typically closer to 20 to 25 per year, according to Murphy.

Last week, the city recorded 63 new building permit applications, 68 inspections and issued 69 building permits, according to data sent to the mayor.

“We’re really excited to see these numbers,” Bass said Tuesday. “When real estate is doing well, the whole region is doing well.”

The “white-hot” real estate market also means business for local contractors, furniture suppliers, construction companies and more, Bass said.

Permit descriptions range from “add a toilet, vanity with sink, bath fan, plasterboard and flooring to an already scalded laundry room” to “build and install a 16ft x Gunite inground pool. 36 ft. ”To“ New 4 bedroom home. ”

“[Mayor Bass] is very proud of the amount of investment New Milford residents have invested in their properties, ”Murphy wrote.

The area has also seen a significant number of new tenants arriving in the area, according to Bass.

“The two, in tandem, are really showing strength here in New Milford.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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