ORANGE COUNTY, Florida. – As Floridians continue to monitor the track of Hurricane Elsa, some shoppers are heading to the store to stock up on supplies.

Many people in Orange County home improvement stores on Friday were unaware that Hurricane Elsa could be heading towards Florida.

While some people aren’t too concerned about the hurricane now, others are encouraging their neighbors to get their hurricane kits ready now.

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“We had times where we procrastinated and then we ended up with bare shelves so we had to make do,” said Rudy Roberts when shopping at Lowe’s.

“We are particularly prepared after [Hurricane] Irma. We were without power for a week, ”said Judy Baker.

These are just a few lessons learned by Floridians, who have now said they prepare well in advance for potential hurricanes.

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Carter’s ACE Hardware manager in Apopka, Roland Steem, said a charcoal barbecue is good to have on hand in case you lose power and need a way to cook food. He mentioned three basic things every Floridian should have in their hurricane kit.

“Water, batteries and flashlights. These go fast, ”Steem said.

According to AAA, Floridians should have food, water and emergency supplies in stock for at least three days in the event of a hurricane.

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At Lowe’s in Orlando, the shelves are stocked with hurricane supplies.

“We had heavy traffic here. We’re seeing a great demand for things like gas cans, flashlights, batteries and tarps, ”said assistant manager Chad Cooney.

Some shoppers stopped by Lowe’s on Friday night to make sure they had everything they needed before Elsa’s potential visit.

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“I’m pretty ready, I could have a few more batteries,” said customer Alexis Feldman.

“By nature you are missing something, so we go out and see what we missed and get it back. Especially when there’s a hurricane brewing in our area, ”said Roberts.

Some tips from locals who have experienced hurricanes:

  • “If you have places that need to be packed in sandbags and you don’t have access to any sandbags, you can use mulch and topsoil. I found it worked around my sliding glass doors and was able to reuse them when I was done, ”Baker said.

  • “A lot of people depend on their cell phones, but during a storm service can be interrupted for an extended period,” Feldman said. “A hand crank radio or battery operated devices are great, so you can know what’s going on. “

  • Do not leave batteries in your radios when not in use, they may leak.

  • Make sure you have propane or charcoal for your grill. In the event of a power failure, you can use them for cooking or for warming up during a thunderstorm.

  • Stores like ACE and Lowe’s offer home generator installation and will teach you how to use it properly.

Keep in mind that “Freedom Week” is underway with Florida sales tax breaks on many hurricane preparedness items like flashlights, grills, and tarps. The tax-free holiday lasts until Wednesday July 7.

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