Pink is one of today’s richest K-pop idols. her and her NOIRPINK the co-members became millionaires for their time in the South Korean entertainment world.

Although they keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Rosé has an interesting real estate portfolio. She may not talk about the matter in front of the public, but many people take clues from her engagements and live appearances.

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Rosé has a penchant for using earthy tones

It is not known how many properties the BLACKPINK singer owns or where they are located. Corn, Tatler Asia previously released a report detailing what the interior of his home in South Korea looks like.

As claimed, Rosé uses “earthy tones” and “natural textures” to achieve her “comfortable contemporary approach” to her home. She would also love “neutral hues,” as can be seen in her choice of plush armchairs and ottomans.

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Some of the items inside her house are said to be among the latest trends in decorating these days. A good example is his sunset project lamp from Halo Edition, which fans and followers saw in his bedroom during his birthday livestream session.

the On the ground The singer also owns a limited edition Supreme Fender Stratocaster among all the other treasured musical instruments she owns. She seems to have used them as subtle decorations inside her property.

The post also shared that Rosé lives with her pet dog, Hank. Fans and followers are aware of his love for pets, as the K-pop idol usually features them in his and BLACKPINK’s engagements.

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She used to live in a pest-infested dorm with the rest of BLACKPINK

The BLACKPINK members likely have their respective lavish properties across South Korea. But despite this, Lisa previously revealed that they still all live together under one roof.

Reports indicate that they reside in one of the most exclusive and expensive apartment complexes in the country. However, that wasn’t always the case, especially during their apprenticeship days and early years in the K-pop world.

Rosé and the rest of BLACKPINK have openly spoken about being used to living in small rooms with poor conditions in the past. They even revealed that they lived with centipedes and cockroaches in their old dorm.

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