After building a PC, the only worry left is making sure everything around it contributes to a more convenient and enjoyable gaming experience. This is where PC accessories come in.

Stands, racks, mouse pads, chairs and other accessories provide solutions to many problems that can hamper PC gamers. Many of them are affordable and last longer than a PC itself.

The following items are some of the best PC gaming accessories.

Best headphone holder

Gamenote RGB helmet holder

Image via Gamenote

The Gamenote RGB Helmet Holder is a useful accessory that functions as more than just storage for a helmet. With RGB lighting at its core, this stand can add flair to any gaming setup with minimal effort.

In addition, this holder is multifunctional with three power outlets and three USB ports. The additional ports make the Gamenote RGB headset holder a storage solution that can charge phones while functioning as a power strip for other accessories around it.

Best gaming mouse pad

SteelSeries QcK Playground

Image via SteelSeries
Image via SteelSeries

Almost no one builds or buys an entire PC without considering a mouse pad, and with good reason. There is no bigger buzz than not having enough room for mouse movement.

The SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad is produced by a trusted brand, comes in various sizes, and typically costs less than $ 20. For that kind of convenience and price, it’s hard to find another accessory that will make a more enjoyable gaming experience for such a small investment.

It’s better to have a lot of room for the mouse that you might not need, than to need a lot of room for the mouse that you definitely don’t. Avoid coffee spills for the best effect.

Best external cable management solution

Topbooc Cable Management Kit

Image via Topbooc

Every well-built PC will have strong cable management internally, but a PC’s cables are rarely managed well from the outside. Power supplies, monitors, headsets, microphones, and other hardware, peripherals, and accessories add a great deal of cabling to a platform that can confuse what would otherwise be a clean aesthetic.

Topbooc offers a reliable solution to this problem in the form of its cable management kit. The kit comes with four cable sleeves, 100 zip ties, 10 cable clips, and two rolls of adhesive cable ties that will make organizing PC space an easy chore.

Best cup holder

Enhance Clip-On Desktop Cup Holder

Image via Enhance
Image via Enhance

The best way to avoid accidentally spilling your morning coffee while spam pinging your jungler is to keep it completely out of your desk. The Enhance Clip-on Desktop Cup Holder is a simple accessory that mounts directly to any desk surface and offers two compartments for drinks and snacks.

If you accidentally hit the cup holder itself, you might need a larger desk.

Best gaming desktop

Casaottima L-shaped play desk

Image via Casaottima
Image via Casaottima

When the shots start coming in, a lack of space can hamper the gaming experience. Casaottima’s L-shaped gaming desk solves this problem in more than one way.

Its L-shaped design features different lengths, starting at 51 inches on each side, with an iron hook for headphone storage and a movable monitor stand. While the stand and hook are nice touches, the space saved by having two sides on the desk is its real advantage. The second or third monitors, peripherals and additional accessories all have the right space with this desk. It’s okay to want skills, but a downside to wanting space.

Best desktop fan

Gaiatop desk fan

Image via Gaiatop
Image via Gaiatop

Sometimes a processor isn’t the only thing that needs proper cooling. The Gaiatop desktop fan is USB powered, rotates 360 degrees, and has three different speed settings to keep your gaming space cool. This accessory is inexpensive, small, and especially useful for players in warmer climates.

Best cell phone holder

OMOTON cell phone holder

Image via Omoton
Image via Omoton

Keeping your smartphone out of the way while gaming while keeping it in sight can be a more annoying problem than it should be. Omoton cell phone holder can provide an inexpensive solution.

This holder is compatible with a wide variety of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. There isn’t much to say about this product except that it features 270-degree adjustable rotation, a non-slip design, and a clean aesthetic so phones can stay in sight and out of the way when gaming. heat up.

Best office storage

COZYWELL self-adhesive under desk sliding drawer

Image via Cozywell
Image via Cozywell

For peripherals and accessories that you don’t use often enough, Cozywell’s Under Desk Drawer is a convenient storage solution. The drawer has an adhesive top that adheres to the bottom of any desk, making installation easy.

Its dimensions are 5.9 inches wide, 7.7 inches long and 2.3 inches high. This size makes it large enough to hold many accessories and peripherals that gamers may need at any time, including headphones, additional mice, phones, notepads, pens, or cords.

Best PC Controller

Xbox Wireless controller

Image via Microsoft

It might seem counterintuitive to go out of your way to buy a console controller to use on a PC, but it’s a fact that some games are best played with regular joystick controls. FIFA, the Dark souls trilogy, GTA V, and every 5,000 Assassin’s Creeds are famous examples of games that are best played with a console controller.

What is considered the best controller depends mainly on your personal preferences. If you are more of an Xbox person, the obvious alternative is the Xbox Wireless Controller. The Xbox Wireless Controller, besides being a preference for some, also has the benefit of seamless integration with Windows 10, so that using third-party software to connect to a PC, such as DS4Windows, is not required.

Best speakers

Bluedee computer sound bar

Image via Bluedee
Image via Bluedee

There will be times in a PC gamer’s life when putting on headphones for a four-hour gaming session doesn’t seem like an ideal option. For those difficult cases, the speakers play a vital role in maintaining a relaxing casual gaming session.

The Bluedee Computer Soundbar is a reliable, high-quality, mid-priced speakerphone with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and an AUX plug-in. It’s powered via USB and features RGB coloring to help keep your station looking crisp.

While the hardware gives you more frames, it’s the props around your gaming rig that decide how convenient and enjoyable the average session is. The issues that these items resolve are mostly rare and will not be factors for all players. But where there is a need for storage, space, alternative audio sources, controllers, or organization, these can potentially work as reasonable accommodations to alleviate those inconveniences.

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