There are a few things to consider when it comes to office space accessories. With more and more companies seeing their employees return to the office, you may need to prove that you’re still the coolest employee on your floor. You can wear the funniest ties, wear the cleanest shoes, and forward the funniest email chains, but you’re nothing without some dope office gear.

No desk is complete without its fair share of office desk accessories, but the mini stick-on basketball hoop on the back of your door doesn’t cut it anymore. All you have to do is choose the type of interior designer you want to be. The plant guy? The cat lady? The exquisite Patrick-Bateman style business card holder?

Even if you’re still working from home, the daily grayness of your same old apartment can get old. Why not make your home office a little more fun too? Spice up your living room or office with these quirky office gadgets and accessories.

What could merge class and fun more than one a bonsai are you building from scratch? I love plants in my workspace. I love plants that I don’t even need to water anymore. The versatile nature of a Lego set allows the plant owner to change the size and shape of their tree over time. Honestly, it’s just a cool look. This is the office decor tuxedo t-shirt. Embrace the kitsch-ness.

Whiteboard Pottery Barn Trenton

No good idea starts on paper anymore. Real heavyweights start good, old fashioned whiteboards. Ideas are liquid. They evolve and change in an instant, and you need a canvas that can keep up with your brainstorming. I find the Pottery Barn Metal Frame Whiteboard best suits my office aesthetic. I use a whiteboard for most of my daily tasks and reminders. It’s a great form of passive communication with roommates or colleagues and helps me with my day-to-day organization.

Vat19 The world’s smallest desktop vacuum cleaner

I eat at my desk. I’m as clean as can be, but I know crumbs must fall here and there: on my desk, in my keyboard, on the floor. the Vat 19 USB Shop-Vac is a true shop vacuum that fits on top of your desk. Besides being super fun and weird to have, the shop vac really works. Use it to clean up paper cuts, crumbs or dust. Keep a cleaner office space and impress your boss while doing it.

Japanese Zen Garden for Office

Now listen to me, we all need a little zen in our lives. Why not in the middle of the working day? There is a lot of mini desktop zen gardens there to choose from, it really comes down to your personal style preference here. Think of day-to-day application. Does the boss stress you out? Zen garden. Looking forward to a big presentation? Eliminate that stress in your very own mini portable zen garden.

Sonos Move Bluetooth speakers

His bone offers a variety of speakers that deliver pristine audio quality and hardware durability. the Move Sonos is a powerful and durable speaker with an 11-hour battery life and water and drop resistance. Bring your speaker on the go to the office picnic or underline your next big presentation with one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Horizon Hobby RC Helicopter

Horizon Hobby offers a wide variety of RC helicopters. I’m not saying flying a small helicopter around your office space is productive or necessarily safe. What I’m saying is that would be really cool and if you could find a job where they let you say “pizza in the break room” with a rollover note on your RC helicopter, you should keep that job for all time .

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