If you’re looking for a new TV to immerse yourself in blockbuster movies or get a bird’s eye view of a major sporting event, now’s a great time to add one to your cart. Whether you’re looking for a modern design that will blend in with your home decor or a basic smart model to let you stream Netflix and Hulu, you can save big with today’s cheap TV deals.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best selling TVs from retailers like Samsung, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg and Target, along with 14 specific deals to add to your cart. Once you’ve determined the size and type of TV you’re looking for, read on to find out how to save big.

Retailers with the best cheap TV deals right now

  • Samsung: Samsung is currently offering impressive discounts on many of its popular TVs, including 4K and 8K models.
  • best buy: Save up to $600 on smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, Insignia and more. Prices start at just $110.
  • Amazon: You’ll find savings on TVs of all sizes, from a wide range of manufacturers on Amazon right now.
  • walmart: For a limited time, you’ll find dozens of popular sized TVs from Samsung, Hisense, Sony, RCA and TCL on sale.
  • new egg: Obtain hundreds of dollars off select LG OLED TVs for a limited time.
  • Target: Check out the markdowns on dozens of TVs of all sizes, from companies like Vizio, TCL and Samsung.

The best cheap TV deals to buy right now

Save $200 on Samsung’s latest Frame TV

The latest iteration of Samsung’s mega-popular The Frame TV just released in April. Just over two months later, some screen sizes are already on sale. Discounts are admittedly modest, but the biggest here is for the 65-inch model, now $1,800 after $200 off. What sets the 2022 Frame TV apart from its 2021 predecessor is the addition of an anti-glare matte screen. This will make the screen look even more like a piece of art hanging on your wall and improve your overall viewing experience.

Get a head start on 8K with 43% off this Samsung QLED

An 8K TV isn’t a necessity right now, given that there’s very little 8K content to watch. However, this Samsung deal is a great way to get on the ground floor of this burgeoning technology. The 75-inch Samsung QN900A QLED 8K TV is now 43% off direct from the manufacturer. Samsung’s Neo Quantum 8K processor will upscale all your must-see shows and movies to 8K – a taste of what to expect once 8K becomes more mainstream.

Get 45% off a Toshiba Fire TV with hands-free Alexa support

This 65-inch Toshiba UHD LED TV is currently $450 off. Content will be colorful and detailed on this TV thanks to Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+. Meanwhile, you can ask Alexa to play whatever shows, songs or movies you want without the need for a voice remote – the TV’s built-in microphone will answer your call from anywhere in the room.

Save $1,300 on Samsung’s highly rated 4K QLED headlight

The 75-inch version of Samsung’s 2021 4K flagship model is currently $1,300 off. The highly rated QLED QN90A is well equipped for streaming and gaming. Its mini-LED backlight delivers an exceptional on-screen experience, with vivid colors, superb contrast and impressive dimming. The sleek, ultra-slim design allows it to fit perfectly into almost any room.

Save 43% on this mid-range Vizio SmartCast TV

The already affordable 75-inch Vizio M7 UHD TV is on sale at Walmart for just $998. This mid-range model has full backlighting, 4K upscaling and four HDMI ports. Vizio SmartCast is built into the M7, which offers access to Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and other top streaming services (although subscription fees generally apply). And if you prefer to cast content from your Android or Apple device to the TV, you can do so thanks to Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 support. The TV also supports Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG , so the supported programming will be truly amazing.

LG’s entry-level OLED is $703 off for a limited time

The 77-inch model of LG’s entry-level OLED is now over $700 off at Newegg. You’ll have to make some concessions with the LG A1. For example, it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, but it’s still a top-notch package that includes 4K AI upscaling, superb color contrast, and a remote control. voice command. It also supports Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 and HLG. Thanks to its WebOS operating system, it’s ready to stream content from virtually any popular service you subscribe to.

Take 40% off this 65-inch Fire TV

If you’re looking to create a home theater-like viewing experience at a relatively low cost, consider this 65-inch Fire TV. You can stream select shows and movies with Dolby Vision or Dolby Digital Plus for incredible picture quality and ask Alexa to pause the TV or increase the volume without having to reach for the remote. And with the 40% off, you’ll get this TV for just $500.

Take 28% off an LG UHD TV ideal for gaming

This well-reviewed LG UHD Smart TV has been praised for its high-quality picture. It’s all thanks to the Quad Core 4K processor and Active HDR that result in robust colors, incredible detail and noise-free visuals that will make your content dazzling on screen. It’s also well-suited to gaming, with a game optimizer that reduces input lag and sharpens graphics. If you have room in your basement or living room for the 75-inch version, it’s also on sale for $700 from LG.

Bring home this RCA 50-inch 4K smart TV for just $258

Here’s a chance to get 35% off an already affordable 50-inch RCA 4K TV at Walmart. This basic model is infused with intelligence thanks to webOS for easy access to Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and most other popular streaming services (if you’re willing to pay the subscription fee). Ports include three HDMI and two USB. You can also connect devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi. Although not state-of-the-art, this budget TV offers basic but versatile features.

Samsung’s popular outdoor-ready TV is now $1,120 off

The Samsung Terrace TV is more of a splurge buy, but if you’ve got the budget, it’s a fantastic way to upgrade your deck or patio for summer entertainment. Right now at Samsung, save $1,120 on the 75-inch model. Keep in mind that this TV isn’t just suitable for hot sunny days, it’s IP55 weatherproof, so you can enjoy outdoor viewing all year round. It’s the perfect TV to set up next to your BBQ or swimming pool to get the most out of your outdoor life. The screen offers glare-free wide-angle viewing with a brightness level of 2,000 nits.

Here’s $300 off a Sony TV with AirPlay and HomeKit support

This Sony Bravia 4K TV is highly rated by Best Buy buyers, with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. an anti-glare screen – but it also garners praise for its very good sound quality (a rarity among most flat screen TVs). A bonus for Apple users: the X95J supports AirPlay streaming and can also connect to HomeKit devices. The 65-inch version is on sale for 17% off during the current Best Buy TV sale.

This sub-$300 Philips TV has Chromecast and Google Assistant

Philips 43″ Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV with Google Assistant

Here’s a cheap TV deal to consider if you need a quick pick-up for the playroom, kid’s room, or vacation home — it’s just $288 right now at Walmart. This budget Philips TV has the Google Assistant built in, so you can control it hands-free. If you have a Google smart home setup, this TV will act as your hub for controlling the thermostat, dimming the lights, and more. It’s loaded with content thanks to Android TV, but you can expand your options via Chromecast for streaming from your mobile devices. For a 4K resolution TV (with a 60Hz refresh rate) that supports HDR10, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

Get this super budget TV for just $124

Okay, so there’s nothing technologically amazing about this TV. It only offers 720p resolution (with a 60Hz refresh rate) and it measures only 32 inches. However, for just $144 this TV is a bargain and it runs the Roku TV operating system, so everything you need to stream all sorts of content is already built in.

Save $400 on this 55-inch LG smart TV

Not only does this 4K resolution TV deliver a truly impressive picture, it also supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, and HLG (as well as Dolby Atmos for audio), and offers a 120Hz refresh rate. Combine that rate cool with LG’s Game Optimizer feature (which lets you switch between G-Sync and FreeSync for smoother animations and graphics) and you’ve got a TV that’s great for gaming, too. So basically you’re getting a brand name 55-inch TV with awesome tech for around $1,000 (and saving $400 in the process). Meanwhile, if you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the Sports Alert feature. It automatically provides updates on your favorite teams, in addition to showing match start times and latest scores.