Last week, Beadle and Grimm’s launched their very first set of Magic: The Gathering accessories with Kamigawa Platinum Edition. Available direct from the team for $499, this set of accessories is seriously awesome. It includes themed accessories including a backpack, card chest, 2 deck boxes, wall posters, card sleeves, beautiful and fun life counter, LED playmat, wooden counters metal, etc

It’s incredible! The team was so kind and sent me one of these platinum edition sets and I was blown away by how good it was. My favorite items are probably the high quality deck boxes, the sidekick plushie, and the backpack. If you play collectible card games, this is the perfect backpack for events. I also really like Kamigawa’s in-world guide. It helps explain characters and things to people who aren’t very familiar with the lore and I’m still a fan of those things. You can watch me unbox the whole package in the video below, but if you really like MTG and Kamigawa, it’s a really fun buy.

If you can’t afford the $499 for the Platinum Edition, the team offers a Silver Edition for just $199. This included far fewer items, but you still get the fun life counter, my favorite of the two deck boxes, the LED playmat, metal counters, and more. You miss the backpack, the plush, and a lot of the art, but it still gives you the chance to grab plenty of themed goodies for a lower price.

Beadle & Grimm’s is known for its quality and this unboxing convinced me that the rumors are true. This was my first time opening one of their products and it’s clear that they really care about having a quality product and giving fans awesome quality products. Orders are open now and definitely worth it if Kamigawa is your thing.