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Those who play Core Keeper are beginning to discover several NPCs that players can encounter in-game. Like Terraria, Core Keeper offers players the ability to bring these NPCs safely to your base as long as you have the right requirements. But, the game doesn’t do a particularly good job of explaining how to create an ideal room for the NPC. Here we try our best to give you an idea of ​​the requirements to create a room in Core Keeper and the room requirements.

What are the Core Keeper room requirements?

As it stands, it looks like you need a decent room size and a few in-game items. First, some NPCs need an item before they move in. This is the case of the Whitebeard NPC that you can unlock after defeating the Slime Boss. In this case, you need to create a room and have that item in the room, or they’ll never move in.

As for the other requirements of the Core Keeper room, we believe it needs to be a certain size. The general consensus within the community is no more than 8×8. So, KIS (keep it simple). As long as there is enough room for a bed and their required item, you should be fine. We also recommend placing at least one torch there, so you can see if the NPC has arrived at their new home or not.

Some internet players have reported success in turning a bridge room into a bedroom, as well as a generic cave room into a bedroom. So the bases seem to require a bit of space and a bed at a minimum. Additionally, the developers have acknowledged that there is a bug with rooms with stone doors. You will need to craft them out of wood until it is repaired.

To make a bed, you simply need ten woods and five fibers. Be careful, you have to make a whole new bed, because the first bed you place belongs to you. Therefore, the second bed you make should be free for an NPC.

An NPC should eventually teleport to an eligible room when you meet these conditions. You may need to wait a few minutes, or quickly exit and return before they appear. Also, don’t be confused if the NPC leaves, as they tend to do so before teleporting back to base after traveling a certain distance.

How to make a bedroom in Core Keeper

It’s time to start decorating.

For those who like their plinth aesthetic, a simple knocked out cave wall won’t do. To create a true chamber in Core Keeper, we recommend using your spare wood for decorative items. You are going to need some lumber for the wooden floors, walls and a door. You can craft all three of these using the Basic Workbench.

For the actual decorations, you’re going to want to get pewter. Tin is an important part of the game, which you can acquire through wooden crates while exploring or mining in the clay biome. You need it to craft a carpenter’s bench, which allows you to craft decorative items, such as a rug, flower pots, and more. Keep in mind that some of these periods require Stone Walls, which you must mine from the Ruins biome. These items help create an extra touch to your base and room, making your underground base a little more comforting.

This concludes this Core Keeper room requirements guide. We hope you can take home practical information on how to easily create a room and host your NPCs. For more Core Keeper guides, check out WePC’s Core Keeper hub

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