Meet Tonya Sloans. She is a HBCU graduate of the Howard University School of Divinity, as well as law schools at the University of Wisconsin and Georgetown University. She spent more than 20 years as a legal adviser in the American capital.

Sloans is also an entrepreneur and operates an accessories business. She is the founder of Power and Pearls, an online store that gives women confidence through pearl accessories, according to black news. “His products inspire women to wear pearls daily to feel powerful, be seen as powerful, and ultimately make powerful moves,” the outlet reports.

She considered the accessories business after realizing pearls were always part of her look at important events. Wearing pearl accessories also makes her realize the power she has to achieve her goals in life.

“Not only do women need pearl accessories to look good, they also need pearls as a constant reminder of their power to thrive,” Sloans said. The Capitol Hill attorney survived two bouts of ovarian cancer.

She said: “Health difficulties have overwhelming power to deflect a woman from her path to career achievement. But there has to be something that pulls you back and propels you forward.

Sloans added that her faith in the healing power of God and her pearly appearance helped her achieve success.

Sloans became a Capitol Hill ethics attorney advising national leaders after recovering from cancer. She then created Power and Pearls to help empower other women. According to Black News, her online store allows her to “send pearls across the country to do the career empowerment work she cares about.”