These days there are many alternatives to traditional photo printing – you can have your photos printed on acrylic glass, canvas, and even metal. And while classic framed photos and canvas prints are evergreen wall art options, another type of wall decor is becoming the interior design hit: metallic prints. So what’s the secret to their newfound popularity? Let’s explore the ins and outs of metallic prints!

What is a metallic print?

A metallic print is a photographic reproduction printed on a composite metal panel. Depending on the manufacturing process, the photo can be printed on photo paper which is then laminated to metal, or reproduced directly on aluminum.

The design of metal photo prints varies among different print vendors. We’re big fans of metallic prints at, one of the best known names in the custom printing industry. Their metallic prints feature a bold design in which all three layers of the composite panel are left visible. The jet black polyethylene core is accented by the two silver aluminum foils, creating a sophisticated and glamorous aesthetic.

Despite the tough materials used, metallic prints are elegantly thin and surprisingly light. We recommend that you choose a supplier that offers metallic prints with a hidden hanging system – your prints will appear to be floating against the wall.

Why choose metallic prints?

Aluminum photos offer a blend of understated design and clean elegance that is rare in custom wall art. Each print medium has its pros and cons, and classic photo prints and canvas prints have a huge amount to recommend, but there are a few qualities that are unique to metal prints:

  • unlike traditional photos and canvas prints, they are very resistant to UV and scratches
  • they have an exceptionally radiant surface
  • they look great as stand-alone items meaning you won’t need to create an entire gallery wall to add character to your room

To get the most out of metallic prints, simply choose an image that matches the color scheme and overall style of your room. Picturesque landscapes, expressive city photography, and unconventional portraits can all look fantastic on metal.

Are there any drawbacks?

Versatile metallic prints can become the focal point of any room, but there are a few things to consider before placing an order.

first of all, metal prints tend to cost more than similar sized canvas prints or photo paper prints. That said, a metal print still represents great value for the money – with its superb durability and beautiful construction, your print has the potential to become the heirloom of a cherished family.

Second, not all interior decoration photos or diagrams will be suitable for metallic prints. You will need an image with very high resolution, vivid colors and crisp contrasts to achieve the full visual effect. Plus, with their bold contemporary style, metallic prints can look out of place in more traditional interiors. Think carefully about where you are going to hang your prints and choose a location that will accentuate the striking beauty of this high end wall decor item.

Our final word on metallic prints (plus a secret discount code!)

Still weighing the pros and cons of metallic prints? let’s quickly recap the main advantages of this wall art solution:

  • sharp photo reproduction
  • vibrant colors
  • sleek contemporary design
  • fantastic longevity

These amazing prints are also very durable and weather resistant, which means you can hang them anywhere without worrying about fading, cracking, or most other types of wear and tear.

Now that you’ve discovered the main pros and cons of metallic prints, why not pick up some of your favorite photos and go to to see what they look like as metallic prints?

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