Accessory housing units (ADUs) are seen by some as a solution to San Diego’s housing crisis. Chances are a neighbor has built an ADU in your community.

But as county towns relax restrictions to help build ADUs, many local neighborhood groups say they’re sometimes built larger than existing property with no existing infrastructure needed.

Several neighborhood groups have called on the city of San Diego to place a moratorium on an ordinance made during the pandemic to ease restrictions because residents were not allowed to contribute to the plan.

Meanwhile, in Encinitas, the city has created a web page that explains the process of building an ADU, including the design of floors for guidance.

Since 2020, 179 building permits have been issued for ADUs in Encinitas. One of them is owned by longtime resident Lisa Klink.

“I did it out of necessity. Because of the pandemic, I stopped working and my ex lost his job. It means I lost my child support, ”Klink said with a laugh.

In six months, Klink, 66, was able to design and build a 400-square-foot ADU in an additional bedroom that spans half of his garage.

This would likely meet the scrutiny of neighborhood groups since there has been no visible change outside of his property.

She says it cost $ 60,000 and is now asking for $ 2,000 in rent per month. She brought it to market via social media and the response has been overwhelming.

“I just put it on Next Door, and after three days I turned it off. I had 65 people who asked about it, ”Klink said.

But while some may find a monthly rent of $ 2,000 for a 400 square foot ADU hard to afford, consider that it includes new appliances, water and electricity, cable and even a small patio with additional storage space.

A man even offered her $ 2,500 to rent.

“It’s kinda crazy, but I tried to make it really cool,” Klink says.

Klink also says that since she posted information about her rental, many people have asked her for advice.

“I had people who wanted to choose my brain and who loved my design. “Who is your interior designer? Who is your entrepreneur? We want his name. People wanted to know the process, ”Klink said.

Klink’s strongest advice is to find an entrepreneur you can trust. She interviewed three entrepreneurs, each with a considerable price difference.

She also said she was prepared for the inconvenience of the construction.

“I had to seal off part of my house because if you make an ADU you need the firewall which means you have to dismantle both sides of your drywall and put in a bigger and bigger drywall. “Klink said.

Perhaps the most intimidating part, she said, was about permits and inspections.

“I was nervous at first. But then I was as nice as I could to the guy who came over, ”Klink said with a smile.

She hopes to recover her costs in two and a half years.

“I’m happy. I haven’t had someone live here yet, so I’ll let you know. Ask me in a year,” Klink said.

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