I also wanted the door pads padded, but found that Kia didn’t provide any “space” in the panels to insert the fabric.

BHPian ashis89 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As the car nears the 3 year mark, a few changes were in order. So I bought new seat covers and while I was there I also got a new set of floor mats (the current ones were hard to clean). I also have a leather steering wheel cover. The gray color was chosen to complement the gray elements of the dashboard and yes, the gray Coyote.

I posted the details here

One look at these stripped-down interiors made me rethink my decision for seat covers, so I looked no further until the seats were back. Since the 7D mats needed to be installed, I had to vacuum the interior nearby. I had requested a full body water wash but had to bail out due to the wait time.

I was very happy with the seats and started to drive home. But Google Maps had other plans. Not too familiar with the roads south of Bangalore, I blindly followed my guide. And this bugger, instead of taking me on good wide roads, chose a path where 2 cars can only pass by driving carefully. And this bugger probably found a lot of gullible guys like me – the lane had bikers, cars, vans, a minibus and so on. Spent a good 30 minutes stuck in a dead end. And to make things happen, I crawled through very difficult situations, I had to climb the sidewalk, the doorstep and more to get out.

Now you have to find the time to wash the car properly.

I wanted the door pads to be upholstered as well, but Shiva confirmed that this was not possible as KIA does not provide any “space” in the panels for them to insert the fabric. It was a big disappointment for me. I had already checked with the dealer if these pads were available separately but they are not. I have to replace the entire door panels – expensive and overkill. Let’s see if I can find another solution for this.

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