The following contains spoilers for A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 21, “I’ll Be Right There With You,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

A couple of cuckoos have produced one good episode after another over the past two weeks. The drama held your attention while the comedy had you grinning from ear to ear. It really is the best race in this series so far. That being said, while that means people will be excited to watch the new episode, it also means that the disappointment will be that much greater when the new one turns out to be bad.


So will episode 22 succumb to the pressure and produce the first disappointing content in a while? Or will it continue to provide an enjoyable viewing experience like the episodes that came before it? Well, let’s find out through this review.

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Previously on a couple of cuckoo clocks

Episode 21 focuses on Nagi, Erika, Sachi, and Hiro spending time at Erika’s beach house for their summer vacation. Unfortunately, things started spiraling out of control when Sachi invited Hiro to their house just a day before visiting the beach house. Sachi wants Hiro to help her with her studies, but what she doesn’t know is that Nagi and Erika are actually hiding the fact that they both live under the same roof from Hiro. Knowing that Nagi and Erika are engaged is one thing, but finding out that they both live in the same house is another matter altogether.

As expected, Hiro was angry and disappointed, especially with Nagi. Needless to say, the mood was quite downcast when they arrived at the beach house, especially between Hiro and Nagi. Unable to bear the thought that Hiro would end up hating him, Nagi immediately apologized to Hiro. She accepted his apology, and the mood finally lightened between them. That’s until Hiro nonchalantly tells Nagi that Sachi might have a crush on him. Nagi being the dense man that he is, he simply asks Sachi if she has a crush on him.

I will be there with you

Episode 22 can be divided into three parts. The first part takes place right after the end of episode 21. After giving Nagi a head start on her obviously embarrassing question, Sachi immediately confronts Hiro and asks him why she’s talking about Sachi’s crush on Nagi. But when Hiro asks her if she really loves Nagi or not, Sachi can’t really answer him.

The next problem occurs when the group realizes that there are only two bedrooms in the beach house. So they decided to draw straws, and the result is Erika sharing the room with Hiro, while Nagi is with Sachi. In Nagi’s room, they are both too nervous to sleep. Meanwhile, in the other room, before sleeping, Hiro suddenly tells Erika that if she’s not interested in Nagi, then she’ll take him for herself.

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The last part of the story focuses on the tracks of Sousuke Amano, Erika’s missing brother, on the beach house. The four of them look around the house for clues to Sousuke’s whereabouts and eventually discover that he probably left the beach house just a day before Erika and the group arrived. Nagi is convinced that Sousuke must still be in town, but Erika is too scared to confront the brother she hasn’t seen in years. So Nagi takes her hand and promises to be with her so she won’t be so scared.

Interesting character development

There is some interesting character development for Hiro in this episode. After all, the kind and polite girl who always smiles at everyone suddenly seems so aggressive here. At this point, we can say for sure that she’s developed a real crush on Nagi, and unlike the other two Harem contestants, Hiro isn’t afraid to chase her love.

In this episode, we know that Hiro realizes that she is not the only one who has feelings for Nagi. Although they are hesitant to say it, Hiro knows that Erika and Sachi also have crushes on him. So what does she do? Well, Hiro goes on the offensive. She tells Nagi about Sachi’s crush on him, which makes her flustered and desperately denies it to Nagi. Not only that, she also told Erika of her intention to snatch Nagi from her.

The shy girl we’ve known all this time isn’t so shy after all. It seems that when it comes to the man she loves, Hiro will turn into a fighter and crush any competitors who dare to get in his way. What an interesting and unexpected character development.

Stern but Loose 2.0

The structure of this episode is very similar to that used in episode 18, severe but loose. This means that the drama is quite pronounced, but so is the comedy. When the drama takes center stage, it will instantly grab your attention, but when the spotlight shifts to the comedic side of the story, it will have you smiling and laughing.

That being said, the split between the two isn’t a perfect 50:50. There is more drama here than comedy. And that’s absolutely correct. Because if this kind of distribution hampered the overall quality of the episode, it is not at all the case with this one. The showrunners know exactly where to put the drama and the comedy.

As a result, the line between drama and comedy becomes blurred. One minute we’re smiling when Erika and Hiro are playing in the tub, and the next minute we can’t believe our ears when we hear Hiro talking to Erika about Nagi. Threading this line carefully is the recipe for providing a good RomCom story.

Episode 22 turned out to be another enjoyable episode for A couple of cuckoo clocks. Hiro’s unexpected character development is definitely the highlight of the episode. On the other hand, questions about Erika’s brother are still hazy. Hopefully the next episode can provide some kind of explanation for this mystery, because there are only two episodes left in the series, and the last thing we want is a boring cliffhanger.

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