Everyone has an opinion. Larissa Dos Santos Lima addressed the relentless criticism and intimidation she faced during her time at 90 day fiancé and said it didn’t stop following her dramatic release from the series.

“My page has nothing to do with 90 days, as I am no longer a franchise cast member. During the two years that I was on the show, I was the victim of intimidation, harassment and threats, ”the 34-year-old began in her Instagram caption on Sunday, October 25.

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“Now that I am empowered and independent, I make decisions for myself, including how I choose to make money. I will no longer tolerate bullying, ”continued the Brazilian native after her announcement that CCM fired her on September 26. “My target audience is now adults because my main focus is OnlyFans. It is for my OnlyFans that I will post any related content on my IG.

Upon departure, Larissa confirmed that she would no longer appear on the show. due to its affiliation with CamSoda after her hour-long webcam performance. Although it is no longer linked to the 90 day fiancé frankly, Larissa said the rude remarks became even more damning and overwhelming.

“To adult women who continually denigrate me on their genuine or cowardly accounts, please don’t follow. I am here, I currently working, and I pay a lot of taxes, “retorted the influencer.” None of you, with your disgusting comments and messages, have the right to judge me. You don’t love me? Great, the feeling is mutual .

“Just block me if I offend your healthy values. Don’t intimidate my friends or my fans, ”concluded Larissa. “You online bullies are playing with fire and one day someone will be pushed to the limit. Yes, public figures are in a public forum and should be able to take the heat, but this level of virtual harassment is completely out of control. “

90 Day 90DF Fiancée Larissa Lima Feels Completed After Criminal Assault Case
Courtesy of Larissa Lima / Instagram

Colorado resident debuted TLC with ex-husband Colt johnson in season 6 of 90 day fiancé and season 4 of the spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? She came back for Happy forever? season 5 with new boyfriend Eric Nichols.

In the season 5 finale of Happy forever?, Larissa finally unveiled her $ 72,000 plastic surgery makeover after revealing her intention to go under the knife. While his new look gave a boost in confidence, he also came with a lot of reaction from the cast and fans alike. 90 day fiancé Star Elizabeth potthast In particular, described her as a “stripper” during the television show broadcast on September 27.

“It’s a shame that Elizabeth is so critical and shames women who supporting themselves by being a stripper. Many have families to support and bills to pay and this is an important way for them to remain independent and survive in life, ”said Larissa. In touch exclusively in response. “I respect everyone who goes to work to build a better future for themselves and their families.”

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