Buying new home decor items is never easy. In fact, in most cases, the task looks like a mission impossible.

Instinctively, we know that ‘you get what you pay for’ so when looking to accessorize the best chair or remodel our living room, we turn to pieces that feel high end and built to last.

The wrong side? We can’t afford these pieces, so we end up moving into more “affordable” pieces; despite the fact that the optics are not in their favor.

But what if we didn’t combine price and quality? What if there were pieces that looked and felt upscale and so luxurious but didn’t put us down; could there be such a thing? There is, and we have found it.

Amazon is a gold mine for home decor items that look upscale and won’t break the bank. Oh, and to prove that we put our money where our mouth is.

Better backsplashes (to compete with best peel and stick wallpaper) to the most sensational unbreakable set, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up nine home decor items that seem so expensive your guests will covet them for years to come.

Don’t believe us? Add these must-haves to your baskets ASAP and see for yourself.

1. An unbreakable set to facilitate meal preparation

decorative items for the kitchen

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2. This dreamlike carafe – to make entertainment as trendy as it is fun

home decor items for entertainment from Amazon

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Smaier shaped wine carafe 1.5LU I Was $ 32.99, Now $ 19.99, at Amazon

With the prospect of entertaining functions taking over soon, this dream carafe is an absolute must. Not only is it equipped with a unique U-shaped design that will roll compliments, but the tapered top prevents tipping over, which is nothing short of a miracle. See the offer

3. The most perfect pillow to retreat night after night

decorative items for the bedroom

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4. A hands-free sensor as elegant as it is sensitive

interior decoration items

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SUNNIOR LED aluminum motion sensor wall light for $ 16.99, on Amazon

Illuminate any living room, closet or kitchen with the help of this plug-in sensor. Ideal for those looking to have their hands free, this light brings advanced sensing technology to any room in your home and turns on automatically. Hang easily with duct tape or screws, and ta-da: get ready to brighten up your space for under $ 20!

See the offer

5. This perfect planter to give your plants room to grow

decorative items for plants from Amazon

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6. A trendy tiled backsplash to instantly modernize your kitchen (without breaking the bank!)

decor items for the kitchen from Amazon

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7. Add more privacy to your windows with this chic cover

decorative items for windows

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8. Reach for this trio of boxes to keep your products tidy and stylish

decorative items for the bathroom

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MDesign Round Plastic Countertop Canister (Set of 3) for $ 24.99, on Amazon

Cotton balls, cotton swabs, or any other beauty product – name it, these countertop cans will keep them tidy. With a small, medium, and large pot, buyers can choose from a handful of metals and variations to ensure their home rivals the most luxurious five-star hotel. See the offer

decorative items for the living room

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