Stairs in Kerala, Bangalore and Maharashtra that turn rustic materials into works of art

Photo courtesy of: Anand Jaju and Syam Sreesylam / The Wallmakers

A spiral staircase, designed to resemble a draped fabric, connects the two floors of this Kerala home. Made from cement on a scrapped pipe skeleton, it echoes the curve of the compound wall and roof. “The stairs were tricky. We found that not everything we were doing in 3D was happening exactly. We had to think on our feet, ”says architect and founder of The Wallmakers, Vinu Daniel.

Photo courtesy of: Yash R Jain / Wright Inspires

The central skylight defining the building formed the basis for the design of this Bangalore home by Wright Inspires. “The sky was the only option,” says chief architect Prathima Seethur. Crafted from metal and recycled matt wood, the curved staircase was an organic progression of design. It was designed to provide constant interconnectivity between the landings on the different floors and the skylight above. The Jaisalmer stone floor adds a spark of color, complementing the rough Magadi stone masonry at the base of the staircase.

Photo courtesy of: Bharath Ramamrutham

Mangesh Lungare took a rustic material palette and turned it into a striking design element in the house he built for his parents in the remote village of Dudhalwadi in Maharashtra. The stairs at the entrance are made of black basalt stone, sourced from a local quarry, and lead to a door which is a replica of the one in the family’s ancestral village house.