Your home doesn’t have to be a place to just drop umbrellas, pool towels, and shoes. guests come and go.

This episode of our weekly Instagram series features five entryway looks that will inspire you to enjoy more perfect moments in your home and help you create the kind of space that others will marvel at every time they walk through your door. entry.

Nothing whispers classify quite like the perfectly pinched vintage piece and this antique looking dresser presented by @world_of_ronati.

“One way to use vintage furniture in a modern and chic way is to reuse furniture like a dresser in an unexpected way, like a hall table,” says the designer. Jaime Huffman by Charleston Blonde.

“Vintage dresser drawers and compartments also make them a great way to store everything you need last minute without the visual clutter of other storage options in the hallway. “

Have the look: Shop at your local antique stores or try this Penelope dresser.

If you love decadent leafy accents as much as we do, then you’ll fall for this leafy wallpaper brought to you by @dburnsinteriors.

“As a kid I watched ‘Golden Girls’ with my grandmother, I wanted the chic tropical bedroom of the house vixen and Queen Blanche Devereaux,” says the designer. Natasha Nicolaou, by NatNico Designs. “Sadly my mom was up against a 5 year old decorating her bedroom, but as an adult I couldn’t be more excited to see that this gorgeous tropical leafy wallpaper has made a comeback, and it’s the perfect pattern to make a bold statement in an entryway of any size.

“Get a sophisticated look with a leafy pattern in neutral tones paired with soft linens,” she adds, “or go for a tropical style with bright colors and an eclectic mix of furniture. “

Have the look: Bring a touch of tropical sophistication into your home with this muted palm tree wallpaper from Etsy.


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Another stylish design tip that will never get old: use magical gold and metallic accents, as we see in this post from @lindseyhomedesign.

“Gold accents are a timeless design classic, and they fit perfectly into a stylish entryway,” says Nicolaou.

“Brushed gold is very trendy right now. It’s warm, inviting and gives off an incredible glow when paired with candles and dim lighting, ”she adds.

Have the look: To add a touch of warmth and style to your entryway, try a set of modern brushed gold conical brackets on your entryway table or a large mirror with a sleek gold frame. We have a soft spot for this gold tabletop hurricane candle holder or these Escalera photo frames.

If you need more space to sit in your foyer, why not transform the closet like @sarahjoyblog did?

“It’s a great idea and an amazing way to add a personalized, elevated look to an entryway,” says Nicolaou. “Transforming an underused closet into an open bench and storage space completely transforms the look of a hallway and can be done on a relatively small budget. “

Have the look: Check out this DIY tutorial or keep it simple by adding one of these Kemble shoe storage benches to your wardrobe.

Comfort should be the center of every room in your home, and the lobby is no exception. For a cozy fireplace with a timeless design, you can simply take note of @ kbdesign02025 and its ottoman centerpiece.

“I love the current trend in interior design to make entryways a real statement,” says Huffman. “They’re easy to ignore, but they’re also super easy to style and have so much bigger impact, like this ottoman centerpiece does. Even in a small house, having a seating area like an ottoman in the middle of your entryway conveys a luxurious vibe, as if you are visiting a large house or stepping into a huge walk-in closet.

Have the look: Make a statement that will never go out of style with this Berlin Round Ottoman.