Perhaps the easiest and cheapest method of all? Using a mesh bag corral floats, floats and balls takes minimal effort and is indeed quite effective. During the hot summer months, it can be tied to the edge of the pool or a nearby fence, so all the kids (and adults) can grab what they need faster than you can shout “ball of cannon!” Best of all, the mesh material allows items to air dry between pool days.

Once swimming season is over, all you have to do is bring it inside. Of course, it is always highly recommended to dry and deflate all inflatable pool items. After that, these items can then live inside the mesh bag alongside noodles and toys. Just make sure you’re comfortable with where the bag is stored and that it’s protected from the elements.

As an alternative, consider labeling a large plastic laundry basket and sticking the skinnier pool toys upright in it, according to Leslie’s Pools. Plastic baskets, especially those with drainage holes, are the best material to use, as opposed to fabric, wicker, and metal. This is because plastic allows damp items to dry quickly and helps prevent any buildup of mildew.

Whichever storage method you choose, Romper recommends not storing floats and accessories in direct sunlight. In addition, freezing temperatures can damage floats. Thus, it is best to keep them compact in a container throughout the winter season.