Many new truck buyers like to accessorize their rides soon after purchase, and it’s a simple process to get the best Ram 1500 Mopar parts and accessories by shopping the factory accessories catalog. New wheels and tires are common upgrades, as are lift kits and even light bars. Sure, you have an endless supply of parts from aftermarket suppliers, but most of the time, you just can’t beat the fit and finish of factory parts.

Buying your Ram off-road accessories from your dealer not only means they come with a factory warranty, they’re designed and built by the same people who designed and engineered Ram trucks or Jeeps, but they can also be ordered with the vehicle, put on before the customer takes delivery, and even have the cost of parts built into the loan or lease of the vehicle.

To celebrate the launch of the new Ram 1500 truck in 2019, Ram let the guys at Mopar load up a truck with their parts to showcase the look and function of their components. We recently spent a weekend at an off-road park trying them out and compiled a list of the 5 coolest and must-have parts in the Mopar catalog.

1. Editor’s Choice: Beadlock Compatible Wheels

Our Ram 1500 tester was fitted with 35-inch tires, which add a bit more lift to the truck, and those bead-locking wheels round out the off-road performance package. Although it is illegal to drive on public roads with beadlocks, off-road they help keep the tire attached to the wheel as you lower the air pressure.

When tire pressure is low to improve surface and therefore traction, hazards can literally cause the bead to disconnect from the wheel. Locking rings keep the bead locked, hence the name, and help you avoid getting stuck.

Because we can’t endorse highway driving with beadlock wheels, why not give you an option of the next best thing? Method Race Wheels are some of the toughest wheels in the industry and quite honestly some of the best looking. They offer a wide variety of designs and finishes in their range of simulated beadlock wheelsand we couldn’t find a vehicle they didn’t look good on, making them a perfect fit for our list of Ram 1500 off-road accessories.

2. Best interior upgrade: Heavy-duty rubber floor mats


These Ram 1500 heavy-duty floor mats from Mopar take floor mats to the next level. Since you will get dirt, debris, and mud in the truck when you go off road, these help protect the interior. What is impressive about them is not the quality of their work, but their sense of importance. This set of heavy-duty floor mats provides excellent coverage of the entire cabin. The front floor mats hug the transmission tunnel and the floors well, as do the rear floor mats. Being genuine Mopar parts, these are the best Ram 1500 floor mats you can get.

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3. Best nighttime accessory: Rambar with LED lights

best accessories dodge ram 1500 mopar

The Mopar Rambar 1500 Sport Bar looks cool and easily mounts a set of LED lights on top for easy nighttime viewing. The Rambar does not work with Rambox, in-bed storage compartments, so plan accordingly. The 5″ dual light kit offers

The lights themselves are incredibly bright and are for off-road use only. However, if you want to light up a trail with the intensity of a supernova star, this is the way to do it.

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4. Best performance upgrade: Mopar Performance intake and exhaust

Ram 1500 Mopar Intake

These two components of the Mopar Ram 1500 combined do not improve the truck’s off-road ability. They do not necessarily improve fuel economy. Surely they don’t make the truck stealthy.

best accessories ram 1500 mopar

But they’re essential because they make the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 sound amazing, and that’s why you want it. Imagine the sound of a Charger Scat Pack, but from a mic. But surprisingly, it’s not loud enough to really annoy the neighbors, and there are very few drones on the highway. Embrace the V-8 and enhance the sound it produces naturally.

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Cat Rear Exhaust System – Check Price

There are many more accessories on this truck. Mopar has nearly 200 different options available on its half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Additionally, Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators are popular accessory vehicles. Either way, because you’re getting OEM-designed accessories, they’re designed to work perfectly with your vehicle and are a compelling option for people looking to upgrade.

5. Mopar Cargo Bed Light Kit

Ok, this is not a sexy part. It doesn’t scream to be on Ram’s best off-road accessories list, but when you’re digging around your bed in the middle of the night, this simple accessory can make your life easier. Imagine not having to struggle to hold a flashlight while you search for a tool or a tow strap on the back of your bed. Wouldn’t that be nice. It doesn’t always have to be big and flashy to be considered a premium off-road accessory.

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What are the pros and cons of buying aftermarket Mopar performance parts?

The biggest advantage is that you get a replacement part from the manufacture, so more than likely what you install won’t void your factory warranty unless they otherwise decline it. These parts will also likely have a quality fit, as they come from the people who made the truck. Let’s face it; It would look bad for them to produce a part for a truck that they own that doesn’t fit them well. As for the downsides, it really comes down to variety. Take their Ram 2″ Lift Kit for example. When ordering, the company probably only ordered a certain number of kits and when those are gone, who knows when they will have more. There are many aftermarket companies that make similar parts, some probably make this kit for the OEM, and will have them easily on hand and sometimes at a lower price.

Does any modification I make to my Ram 1500 void my warranty?

While all Ram dealerships follow specific guidelines for warranty claims by manufacture, some are more lenient and some are stricter than others. The best thing we can suggest is to visit your dealership and talk to a service manager or service writer about the changes you want made and whether or not they say it will affect your warranty. Things like rims and tires aren’t debatable unless you’re trying to cram a really big pack of tires in the wheel arch and you have rubbing issues then they can raise a whole host of things. other issues that could potentially arise.

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