Halloween is just around the corner, and while many people would like to dress up in original outfits, if you don’t have one or don’t want to create one for yourself, there’s no need to remove. By wearing Halloween fashion accessories, you can continue to participate in the spooky festivities.

It wouldn’t be worth spending a lot of money on jewelry that you’ll only wear one night. So we are going to share some DIY Halloween props ideas that you can try at home.

The best part is that you can do it yourself by following a few simple steps. These suggestions are affordable and can be made with materials that you can easily find at home.

Five Best Halloween Prop Ideas That Won’t Be Heavy on Your Pockets

1) Spooky Spider Earrings

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Spiders are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of something scary. Therefore, we have included a simple method to create your own spider earrings that will surely add style to your basic Halloween costume.

Take a look at the items needed for these earrings:

  • glass bead
  • 0.4mm copper jewelry wire
  • Head pins
  • jump rings

First, you need to take a red glass bead to make the spider’s abdomen. Then use the copper jewelry wire to craft his other body parts. Thread a glass bead through the head pin and place a hoop on top of the bead. Wrap the yarn around the head pin, then thread the yarn through the hoop.

Bend the wire in the shape of spider legs. Now continue to do seven more legs. Finally, bend the legs into certain shapes to make the spider look realistic.

2) Magic potion necklace

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A cute potion pendant is another way to brighten up your Halloween celebrations. This necklace strikes the perfect balance between sweet and spooky.

The items needed to make these pendants are:

  • Small corked bottles
  • color changing powder
  • transparent glue
  • black tea bag
  • Paper
  • Match or lighter
  • Mod Podge
  • 1 jewelry chain
  • jump ring
  • pliers

Take small cork bottles and fill them with color-changing powder. Add some transparent glue on this powder and close its cap. Next, take a wet tea bag and dab it on plain white paper. Let dry and burn this paper on the edges. Then take a pen and write “XXX” on that little piece of paper.

Glue this paper to the corked bottle. Now take a jump ring and attach it to the bottle cap, then attach that jump ring to the jewelry chain. Use pliers for this process. And that’s how you get your little potion pendant.

3) Blood drop earrings

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How about wearing blood dripping earrings this Halloween 2022! This simplest DIY earring will definitely make your spooky celebrations more interesting.

Here is a list of the items needed to make these Halloween inspired blood drop earrings:

  • hot glue gun
  • Melamine plate
  • Red nail polish
  • thin wire
  • black pearls

First, keep the melamine plate upside down and draw the dripping blood pattern on this plate with a hot glue gun. Peel off this glue design after a few minutes once it dries.

Apply red nail paint to this glue design and let it dry. When dry, tie a thin thread to the earring that crosses the earlobe after adding a few beads to it. This completes your prop.

You can also make cobweb earrings and matching blood dripping necklaces using the same method.

4) Spooky Ghost Earrings

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These simple ghost tassel earrings are another way to show off your spooky flair. Make these wire ghost earrings this Halloween to spice up your weird look. These earrings are easy to make and work quickly with just a few materials.

Items needed to craft them:

  • black thread
  • white thread
  • Cardboard
  • jump ring
  • Hooks
  • Scissors
  • pliers
  • Darning needle

Take a piece of cardboard and start wrapping white yarn around the long side of it. Wrap it around 100 times or until full to your liking. After wrapping, cut your thread.

Now take a darning needle and cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches long. Thread your darning needle to sew your darning needle between the cardboard. Tie the double knot around the ball of yarn that is wrapped in the cardboard. Now repeat it on the other side to secure both ends.

Now gently slide the yarn out of the cardboard and then lay it over another long piece of yarn. Leave this yarn attached to the skein, as it gives the option of cutting it to suit your needs. Then tie it in a nice tight double knot to have a little bulge at the top. This bulge will form the spooky ghost’s head.

On the other side of the bouquet, cut the tied knot to get your pompom. Trim your tassel with scissors, then attach the earring material. Attach jump ring and hook. To get the eyes of these ghosts, use black thread and sew this black thread to the ghost’s head. This completes your ghost tassel earrings.

5) Cobweb Earrings

Take a look at DIY Halloween spider web earrings (Image via Youtube/@DIYdestination)
Take a look at DIY Halloween spider web earrings (Image via Youtube/@DIYdestination)

Here is a list of items needed to make these earrings:

  • hot glue gun
  • Melamine plate
  • black nail polish
  • thin yarn
  • black pearls

Turn over a melamine plate and draw two cobwebs with a hot glue gun on the plate. Peel off this cobweb when dry.

After peeling it off, paint it with black nail polish. Let dry. Then add a jump ring and hook to one end. You can also add beads with jump rings to make them more attractive. Your earrings are ready.

These are just a few of the many simple DIY fashion accessory ideas, but you can surely play around with more designs this Halloween season using the aforementioned methods.

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